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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by callum13, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. So how many of you have dabbled in this? I've been doing it 4-5 times a week for a fair while now and my fitness has sky rocketed.

    We had Ian Free-man ( British Light Heavyweight champion, 6 times UFC veteran,pancrase champion etc) come down the gym the other night for a few hours taught us bloody loads was a cracking night.

    So can use this thread for anything MMA/martial arts related advice, problems, training tips etc :?
  2. Ian is a friend of mine and the man who got me into MMA but he aint the cage rage champion
  3. So this thread isn't about car travel allowances then?
  4. Aye my bad just noted and edited. I seem to remember you saying in a thread you was fighting for the para reg in something, is boxing the only combat sport the forces does?
  5. Yeah i was headlining a show in Catterick at the weekend against an opponent from the Warsaw MMA Club which i won by GnP in Rd 2.

    Boxing and Judo are the 2 biggest combat sports the Army does.
  6. It does have a very small kendo club as it was mentioned in Soldier a while ago, but I can't seem to find anything about it though.
  7. I saw Ian Free-man in 2006 against Melvin Manhoef, whilst cheering on an old friend. Pleased to say that the guy I was there to support lasted longer than Free-man!
  8. its F R E E M A N not Free-man
  9. I know its F R E E M A N but for some reason when spelt properly arrse changes it to a *
  10. my apologies
  11. i did mma for 3 years
  12. I dabbled in kickboxing and BJJ briefly but moved on to orthodox Japanese martial arts afterwards.
  13. Ian F is fighting at CageRage in Birmingham in May. Chuck Liddell fighting in London on June 7th so its a good time to be a MMA fan in the UK.

    Question - Who would win between Fedor and Couture?

    I reckon Fedor would win. Absolutely awesome fighter
  14. I practise BJJ, Kickboxing and Kali. I don't compete in MMA, because I can't get enough training sessions in to prepare for competition. but I respect those who do step into the Cage. A very tough sport.
  15. If and when I re-enlist I would like to start boxing. Completely new to it all. Would I be thrown in at the deep end?