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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by butters, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. general thread for discussion of all things MMA and other Affiliated sports (kickboxing,traditional martial arts,self defence)

    subjects can range from favourite fighters and upcoming fights to the inclusion of mixed martial arts in the army and the best clubs to train.

    now to get the ball rolling, UFC 119 anyone?
  2. Won't go down as a favourite of mine; I wanted CroCop to win. Did'nt see it but apparently it was a dull fight. The crowd was booing the lack of aggression from both men.

    By contrast, the Alex Reid vs Tom "Kong" Watson fight was one of the best I've seen in a long time. Reid showed great heart and an even better jaw; the knee Watson hit him with in the fifth round would have finished most fighters.

    Watson deserved the decision. Reid deserves a re-match.
  3. gar


    I agree, the watson v reid fight was great to watch, best I've seen in a long while. The majority of the crowd seemed to be watson fans booing reid on entrance, I liked the way he got a good cheer and applause after the fight. Reid earned himself lots of respect last night after it dive bombed when he ran off with jordan.

    A rematch would be ace!

    BAMMA 5 (or is it 6) in newcastle looks alright.
  4. i've not been able to see the reid-watson fight yet but everyone seems to have thought it was a classic, hopefully the deal with bravo will expose british martial arts to a wider audience and we can see the return of a cage rage style promotion! we have the talent, all we need is the arena for it.
  5. Already exists with Ultimate Challenge
  6. UFC 119 was one of the worst in a while, the CroCop v Mir fight was one of the most boring main events ever.

    And where Alex did a lot better than everyone expected, the Jesse Taylor fight 2 weeks ago def had its toll on Watson.
  7. Hopefully the Cain - Lesnar match next month will make up for UFC 119.
  8. we've got ufc 120 in london first though, should be a good night of fights and whilst its missing a proper headliner (bisping isnt really top 5 at the minute) it will be a good show, i expect to see dan hardy on form and look forward to seeing more of james wilks who i think is a great technical fighter, he devestated demarques johnson in the TUF9 finale. just a shame paul daley wont be there!
  9. Been considering doing something different lately. I boxed amatuer as a junior and have boxed professionally in Thai Boxing as a senior. Looking to so something different and am looking at Judo possibbly, any experienced Judo practitioners on here? I know it's a big sport in Army so might come in handy.
  10. Who is favourites for UFC 120 then? I fancy the brit fighters for the top 3 fights myself, I think this will be the best card we've ever seen for Great Britain, what do you think?

    Also, on a separate note, does anyone have any knowledge of what sports go on at 42 Engineers? I did boxing for a few years and traditional ju-jitsu for a while and was thinking of getting back into the sports :thumright: I also read that after your first few weeks in basic you can go to the gym for training, a guy said he brought his gloves and got a few other lads in for a bit of sparring, sounds good to me ;-)

  11. Anybody in the North-East interested in a seminar with Nathan Leverton, coach of Dan Hardy, PM me for details.
  12. looking forward to my kickboxing black belt grading in december!
  13. YouTube - K1's Channel

    all of k-1 grand prix's fights from 1993 to 1999 in HD for FREE

    literally a goldmine of classic fights from the likes of jerome le banner and ernesto hoost
  14. Nice find!! ;-)
  15. Did anyone watch Lesnar being raped by Cain? Brock looked like he'd taken a baseball bat in the face by the end of the fight!

    Lesnar's "breakdancing" is already a classic Gif...