The missing Cat

Bloke walks into a talent agency with one of those cases you use to carry animals around in.

"What have you got there, then?" Asks the agent "There's not much demand for animal acts these days."

"I've got a piano playing cat" says the bloke "He's really good - have you got a piano in here? I'll show you!"

The Agent apologises for the lack of a piano, but explains that there's one in the next office down the hall, which belongs to a music publisher. "He's an old mate of mine, and I'm sure he won't mind lending is his piano for a moment or two." So, they carry the cat to the next office, arrange the piano stool at an appropriate height, and put the cat on the stool. The cat sits and washes himself for a moment, then springs to life and plays some extraordinarily good music; the agent is very impressed... but not as much as the music publisher.

"That's brilliant!" He tells the cat's owner. "Did you write it yourself?"

"No" says the cat's owner. "He writes all his own material".

"Well", said the music publisher, "You should really think about getting it orchestrated."

And the cat howled, jumped out of the window, and they never saw it again.
Which reminds me of another joke that I first heard in Russian, a LONG time ago.

Bloke walks into a talent agency, leading a dog on a piece of string, and carrying a cat in a basket. Same routine as before... this time the cat and dog are a double act: the dog sings, and the cat accompanies him on the piano (maybe it was the same cat?!) Again, they're a huge hit with the agent who has no trouble at all finding them work in cabarets.

A few weeks later, somewhat the worse for drink, the animals' owner returns to the agent, clearly very upset about something. He downs a large vodka, and then admits "I can't go on like, this, my conscience is killing me. The who act is just one big fake!"
The agent is bemused, and asks "what, the cat can't play the piano?" "No replies the owner... he plays the piano very well. Problem is... the dog can't really sing." "But I've heard him sing!" "No, that was the cat too... he's a ventriloquist. The dog just mimes."

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