The Minister and the $350,000 GIFT !

She can take some Preparation H along, to soothe the after-effects of Big Guiseppe's midnight romps!

Minister's husband denies bribe

The husband of Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has denied taking a £344,000 bribe from Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
Italian officials say corporate lawyer David Mills, 60, was paid to give false testimony in court for Mr Berlusconi.

Mr Mills admits writing a letter to his accountants where he appears to be describing the bribe, but claims he was inventing a scenario to get tax advice.

Both Mr Mills and Mr Berlusconi could now face a corruption trial in Italy.

The lawyer said he was "completely mortified" but still believed he would not be brought to trial.

He told the Press Association news agency he had been made to look "like a complete fool".

"I'm entirely the author of my own misfortune. I put my hand up to being a complete idiot. The whole thing has rebounded in the worst possible way.

"But at the end of the day the issue is did Berlusconi bribe me or not and he most emphatically did not."

Mr Mills, who was an adviser to Mr Berlusconi, said: "I have now provided incontrovertible evidence of where I got this money from and it wasn't from Berlusconi."

He admitted that his explanation of the letter to his accountants sounded "completely ridiculous", adding: "It's excruciating - you couldn't make it up."

But he insisted he was "completely serene" about the outcome.

The culture department said the affair would not affect Miss Jowell's work, a spokesman saying it was a "private matter".
Fcuking Neue Arnbeit antics make "Tory Sleaze" look like playground stuff. No difference between Chavs and Tony's Cronies. "Mortified" only because they got caught. Cnuts.
Obviously not such an 'offshore tax expert' as he claims. Needs to fix consult with Lordy Lordy Archer to see what it is like for rich bstards in the nick. How to have his very own Bubba guards in the shower and that.
It never fails to amaze me how so-called "brilliant" minds can be so downright stupid. Greed, perhaps.

More sleaze for Bliar, and another layer of the onion peeled away.
no one else noticed it was £350, not $350k.... quite a bit more, i think you'll agree.....
Now can somebody jog my memory for me please. Wasn't one of main points that Neue Arbeit used in it's campaign to get itself elected all that time ago, that they were the party that was against sleeze? The put themselves forward on the moral high ground?

Anyone got time to list all the scandals that have hit thier ministers? Now many times they held on to their place in the cabinet with the full support of Mr T BLiar until there was no option but to drop them like a hot potato? How many times the same ex-minister spent a minimum of time on the back benches before getting a place on the cabinet again?

How many 'last chances' do they have to have? And I don't mean individuals, I mean the whole government? They errod our freedoms for 'our own benifit' while showing no morals at all themselves. Time for them to go.
Labour..................socialists================communists! Don't do as I do just do as I say or else!
Cherie Blair is releasing a book this week detailing the best way to sue the military amongst other things. Wonder if there will be a chapter on prosecuting bent politicians or bent lawyers? They all stink and the sooner we can stick them against a wall the better!
So, when do we get the next antedeluvian video of 'Troops beating Iraqi civilians' or simliar item?

Be interesting to see how they try to wriggle out of this one... :roll:
No doubt Mills and Jowell will be crying 'Tall Poppy Syndrome'. Talk about over-complicating the laundering of Mafia dirty money. Let him go to Italy be charged and do his time there first then get him back to UK and try him of breaches of UK law and jail him again. The inland revenue should go through his (and his wenches) whole life like a dose of salts. If they done it once then there are probably others. Every cent should be recovered then they should both be done for fraud.

What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.
In the article one of Mills' friends states that Mills is cleverer than the rest of us and knows it. It is with this attitude that arrogant tw*ts normally get caught.
Ok, take a picture of this...

You turn around to your wife and say "Babes, we both earn a bit , I fancy taking out a massive mortgage , just north of 350K , what do you think?"

I know the reaction I'd get 9 times out of 10 , and it would involve much shouting , calling my intelligence into question and a stint of stagging on on the sofa. If you doubt that , try it on with the long haired CO tonight, and see what reaction you get, no matter what you earn.

But in this case, the missus smiles sweetly, says "Of course darling where do I sign?" . If the press is to be believed , allegedly the mortgage was allegedly errrr.... paid off in full some weeks later.

The inquiry they wish to have , concerns abuse of ministerial priviledge I believe? If I got that wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me.

So why is she being investigated for inadvertantly putting a tick in the wrong box (oooops Butterfingers) as opposed to the worst case scenario to get that out of the way first?
Plant-Pilot said:
Now can somebody jog my memory for me please. Wasn't one of main points that Neue Arbeit used in it's campaign to get itself elected all that time ago, that they were the party that was against sleeze? The put themselves forward on the moral high ground?
If you look back at the 18 cases of "sleaze" perpetuated by the tories, they invariably involved married men putting their penises into inappropriate places. Neue Arbeit get round this by not being married to their partners. Have a look at how many key New Labour politicians are actually married and you'll find the number is very low. Whereas NA sleaze tends to be of the more traditional money/power/favours type of corruption (Ron Brown excluded!).

Mandy - Mortgage fraud, Hinduja passports
Byers - protecting Jo Moore and misfeasance.
Blunkett - visas.
TB himself - Bernie Ecclestone

And those are just tthe ones that come instantly to mind!

As for Miss Jowell and Mr Mills, you would only set up a chain as complicated this if you wanted to either hide illegal money or defraud the taxman or both. No smoke without fire definitely here.
Hmm....British Minister of the Crown and spouse allegedly receive £350K via shady mortgage and hedge fund transactions. The bung allegedly comes from the embattled prime minister of a foreign country. Spouse is facing the prospect of jail time in foreign country.

It really couldn't sound any worse, could it?

What next? Perhaps hubby may end up sleeping with the fishes or dangling from under Blackfriars Bridge....
camman said:
He nees to ask Mandy Mandelson how you get off mortgage fraud charges.
Have a photograph of yourself and "Someone Important" in a compromising situation, and threaten to release it to the scum ? :wink:
Last time I checked the money laundering regulations, you could get 5 years for failing to report a suspicious transaction and 10 years for being a party in said transaction. Didn't taking out a £400k mortgage and paying back £350k a month later look a teeny bit odd?

I have often argued that the only difference between the two parties is that is bunch of thieves and the other is a bunch crooks, but I am not sure just what title goes with which party.

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