The 'Miniature Golf' version of (anything)

Nicked from Half-Bakery again....

The 'Miniature Golf' version of (anything)

Think about your favorite sport.
Now think about your favorite sport with a giant windmill in the middle.

A lot better, isn't it?
Rincewind said:
Doesnt work for.....

or Motorcycle GP....

Make it a hell of a lot more entertaining for the spectators, though :twisted:
Rugby would be good. Wilko would have to kick it through the windmill. A hell of a lot more interesting! I disagree with moto gp though. I think a windmill smack in the middle of a race track would add a sense of danger and timing! Imagine schumacher in formula 1 being knocked off the track by a windmill. Anyone else finding that mental image amusing?
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