The Mind of War by Sid Gould

Just found this one on Amazon, but as I don't have a Kindle it's not much use to me.....

Here's the blurb:

The Mind Of War focuses on the psychological impact of military conflict from the real experiences of a soldier who served with the British Army during the first Gulf War. As a young army recruit, the author was sent to the Middle East as a Battle Casualty Replacement at the age of 17 and served with the Army War Graves Service. His work included the recovery and burial of the remains of fallen soldiers, both British and Iraqi, from the desert battlefields.

The psychological affects of daily exposure to such carnage are rarely publicised, as very few soldiers are able to talk about the horrific experiences they have encountered during active service. The author is an exception, and his true story offers a disturbing, yet thoroughly absorbing insight into how the human mind is affected by repeated exposure to gruesome battlefield scenes.
The Mind of War eBook: Sid Gould: Kindle Store

A couple of things seem a bit odd to me, for example him being deployed as a 17 year old? And serving with the Army war Graves Service? Pioneer Corps surely? Mind you, I was nowhere near the Gulf at the time, so I could be wrong.

Anyone here read it? Was it an interesting read or....?

Pontius Pilate's quite famously had a 17 year old in one of their Rifle Platoons during Granby. He wasn't the only one, either - I know of one lad selected as a BCR precisely because he was too young to join his unit in NI.

There was a lot of grabbing of spare bods for battlefield clearance and reclamation tasks once the ceasefire was called, so entirely possible he was involved in picking up bits.

Haven't read the book, though.
Hi Tartan_Terrier,
You don’t need a Kindle device,you can use this link and download their App
That enables you to download any Kindle book to PC, iPad, IPhone or Blackberry.
In answer to yourquestions/queries; Yes I was 17 when I was deployed, had my eighteenth ou tthere. You are correct the Pioneers are usually the ones to carry out this job but they couldn’t get many to do it and one day they turned up at Black Adder camp and asked for volunteers, I put my hand up. I served with the AWGS throughout with 4[SUP]th[/SUP] Armd Brig.
Obviously I’m biased but the reviews I’ve had on Facebook are good, however you can check it out and make your own mind up;
Or there’s a bit on the Kindle where you can download a preview of the book for free, I haven’t done this but some have told me they did this before buying.
Thanks for checking it outanyway.
Hey smartascarrots,
You’re right I wasn’t the only one to be sent over at 17, I know of four who were. You are definitely correct saying there was alot of grabbing spare bods, but we were selected prior to the ground war and I was up with 4[SUP]th[/SUP] Armd during.

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