Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DodgerH, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. ON NOW.....started 2000hrs watch out its very very dusty in there.
  2. Shame, I have 'pikey TV', anyone recording it for youtube postings?
  3. Sorry...Fantastic idea, ruined by the showiz crap......


    Very moving film parts tho' :cry:
  4. How do you select a 'winner' in a contest between three disabled men? Are the 'losers' less worthy then?

    Horrible stuff. Turned it off and moved Clarkson to the 'cnut' end of the board. These chaps deserve respect in equal measure.
  5. Feeling acutely embarrassed for all those involved.

    Turned over now watching the Bill

  6. Agree.....find that very hard to comprehend.
  7. its is a bit cheesy to be honest. But hopefully it will get better of the years if it continues...
  8. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    debased the whole thing from Square One.

    Sticking with it, though ... it's about more important people than the Bucking Feckhams for a change.
  9. agreed.

    too busy counting their cash. :x :x :x :x
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Did you honestly think they would turn up to something they aren't star draw
    Golden balls and his chav queen aren't going to be shown up by a gang of squaddies FFS
    Heat and Ok aren't going to pay them anything for that

    Slightly off thread

    The Sun has a picture of L/Cpl Parkinson in his number 2's with a Pegasus astride Ballaphron flash on his left shoulder
    I thought this was the old 5 AB flash and had been changed to the Hawk thing they have now a days

    Not having a pop just curious

    As worn in the pictures in the Sun
  11. just be careful when slating things such as this...

    ...we're all to quick to bang the drum to say that the mejia and public don't appreciate us....cheesy it might be, but its better than the 'do nothing' option.

    Ref L/Bdr Parkinson, his award was a stand alone award, not compared to others and if itraises the profile of injured soldiers such as he, then surely the awards are a good thing.

    edited to add, just clocked CGS and CGS(des) in audience, if its good for them, good enough for me!!

  12. Good idea, poor delivery..

    Mabe we should get the X factor people to run it and have a fixed phone in to raise funds for the Lads :wink:

  13. I Agree and i think it will improve over time they just need to find the right way of presenting it. And i think they will learn it shouldn't be staged like the Bafta's or the Brits. It require more dignity than that.

    However Al Murry has improved it already.

  14. At least it's on tv, it may not be perfect but it's a step in the right direction. You would have slated Clarkson and Cowell all the more if they had said no to contributing, they aren't to blame for the poorly thought out, cheesy show.

  15. Clarkson looked positively embarresed handing out the award for the way it is being done. But i Think he would want to be there regardless as he is a very strong supporter of the Armed Forces.