The Military Times & Joe the deserter Glenton

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by No_Duff, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. I subscribe to the Mag The Military Times, it's not a bad mag and always have some articles of interest.

    However this month (July) it has a full page article written by the Army Deserter and all round ****** Joe Glenton. I've cancelled my subscription to the mag.

    ""Dear Sir,

    I see that in the July issue, you have described Joe Glenton as a conscientious objector. He's not, he is a Convicted Deserter, he ran away and someone had to take his place in a warzone.

    His article is little more than a standard left wing anti Military whine, he even uses Chomsky to back up him up.

    But it should be remembered that Chomsky described the Genocide committed by Pol Pot as a "brave social experiment".

    Anyway, the upshot is, I will not be renewing my subscription.

    S.A***** ""
  2. HHH

    HHH LE

    Any links to the article?
  3. As a rockape you'll be used to getting beaten :wink:
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  4. You could always go round there and brass up the next editorial conference as well.

    Failing that, you could make a brew, calm down a bit and reflect on the fact that at least Pol Pot would have made sure the Press told only his version of the news.
  5. Joe Glenton was no great loss, his actions then and now have had little impact he is not too different from the hordes of malingerers that habitually ease their way out of deployments.
    In all honesty I stewed more when I was stiffed for waiting on on a Friday night after some prick went sick with phantom diarrhoea.
  6. Denton: A splinter on the otherwise smooth banister of military life.
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  7. Who wrote that for him?
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  8. Agree with your post.
  9. Tut tut. Think of the ED pay, and the opportunity to get drunk Snrs wives slipping you their phone numbers.
  10. Good point.
  11. Tour dodging is endemic, just unfortunate that the daft **** chose to bug out to Australia prior to going all ******* lefty, it's hardly helped his case.
  12. Joe Denton was interviewed on R4's The Choice by Michael Buerk the other week. He was deeply unconvcing as a conscientious objector, by his own account, he experienced nothing of Afghanistan whilst working in KAF. His main grievance seemed to be that he felt hard done when he was told he was going back to HERRICK after less than a 2 year gap. He did ?6 months in D wing MCTC and hinted vaguely that it was an ordeal, without mentioning the rehabiliation and resettlement aspects...

    The Queen is well rid of his limited services.
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  13. You were right about the article. Straight out of the Leftist anti-war style book. :roll: The editors should have rejected that piece for publication as it had little merit.
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