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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. What do you want to say to the government regarding the SDR?

    How should we organise a protest?

    Should we put somebody up as an ARRSE candidate somewhere at the next election?

    There's clearly an opportunity on this site to make a collective protest. Whether it makes a difference or not is up to us.
  2. We could boycott starbucks, they hate the forces apparently and we could all wear red on a friday to show our support of the protest.
  3. Here is a simple but helpful solution, just get a deranged, about to be redundant, Harrier pilot to blow away a Russian aircraft on one of their daily incursions into our airspace. End of defence cuts and probably the end of Great Britain incorporated but a principle is always worth standing up for. This I suggest would be infinitely more effective than an Arsse petition.
  4. An excellent idea, short term. But I was thinking of something more than an "arrse petition".

    I think we should put up an Arrse candidate for Parliament. Just think of all the c0cks who are elected. Kidderminster voted for a GP who fought for his version of the NHS and he got in. Why not a military candidate in a seat where there are a lot of rightfully inclined voters?

    Even if the candidate lost his / her deposit, there would be a lot of publicity involved (not quite as much as the downing of a Blackjack over Lowestoft, but there you go).
  5. Wait until one of the new fresh air-craft carriers is commisioned.
    Take advantage of the first available tour in order to get on board.
    Determine the windward side.
    Piss over it.
  6. Looks like the honeymoon period for this government is over. I think they have made a strategic error by cutting the defence budget instead of increasing it. No, in fact, I am appalled at the stupidity of it.

    I seem to remember hearing rumours of plans to form a Forces Party about 2 or 3 years ago, based around retired military worthies. It might be an idea to try to find out why that idea quietly sank. Time spent in reconnaissance &c &c.
  7. There isnt any money to continue as it is, where would the money come from to increase it?
    Because these retired military worthies are nomally ex officers who should have opened their mouths while serving rather than giving large now they are out (and in some cases having a book deal in the pipe line)
  8. Foreign Aid?
    EU contributions?
    The worlds 4th largest employer?

    The defence budget is small fry compared to the rest of government spending.
    Cameron is a weasel, he's had his chance and he's blown it. He now ranks as just another piece of shit politician who's words mean nothing.
  9. He is cutting welfare amongst other things, I agree the EU and foreign aid should be given a swift kick *********** but even then the money saved wouldnt be enough to pay of our previous goverments spending spree.
    There are savings to be made within the MOD, whether they are made in the right places is a different matter.
  10. " Oh what a falling off there was " Do I detect a wind of change blowing up the Arrse ? I only joined the forum a matter of days ago and got slaughtered for suggesting the Tory's were *****. " Wondrous strange ".
  11. Welcome to the forum CM. Please keep sticking your head above the parapet. Perhaps for some of us it's only the shooting that matters, any target will do.
  12. Bottom line is neither of the main party's have a 4x2 or care about Defence. SDR? Utter nonesense we are a island nation but now we find ourselves without maritme patrol aircraft. A nation that seeks to have a capability to project military power so we pour billions of Pounds into a carrier program that has no Aircraft to carry.
    We are looking at the reality of haveing little more than a hundred MBT's in reality 2-3 bns as to the Arty I dare not think.

    It wasent that long ago that the torys were talking about reshaping our reliance on the US. We now will never be able to mount much more than a BN+ operation without US assistance. Were are up to our necks in superpower arms programs but in reality we will have little more than the capability of a nation such as belgium/holland.

  13. Welcome to the club. When will many Tory voters, including some on ARRSE, realise that they are voting against their own interests.

  14. You mean like the Invergordon mutiny?

    Coup d'etat?....scrap that, probably not enough men- they all seem to be away fighting some war to keep Britain safe or some such thing.
  15. Thanks guys, there does seem to be a certain silence where there used to be certainty, och it is maybe just me.