The Military lobby: how do we create one?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Commissar, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. If one lesson is to be learned from the entire SDSR debacle it is that the government neither fully understands nor cares about the forces.

    Namely because Defence doesn't win votes.

    If we EVER expect to once again have a creible independent military force then there NEEDS to be a "green vote", namely a significant portion of people (1-3million) whos vote will depend, in part, to defence spending decisions. And thus make the governmnet properly fund defence.

    The question I put to you is HOW could this be done?
  2. Identify a clear, imminent & credible threat to the territorial security of the United Kingdom.

    There is no other way defence, or more specifically defence spending will become a voting issue for anyone outside of Forces families.
  3. So essentially state that Iran HAS a nuclear weapon and must be terminated with extreme prejudice.
  4. Has one attached to the end of a rocket that can reach London, has it pointed in that general direction and are doing a lot of shouting about the Queen being the antiallah.
  5. Basically. Unfortunately for all the Brtish people's love of the armed forces, they don't see when they get cut apart from in the newspapers while other areas directly affect them. Until people are afraid for our own security, there'll never be a strong defence lobby. Although I should imagine it's now going to be a Labour selling point to 'restore the greatness of our armed forces'
  6. Just a quick one, where is the cash going to come from to pay for all the toys? Get real, as a country we are broke. I would have thought that enough lobbying went on by the likes of BAE systems and all the other arms manufacturers that have been charging the MoD over inflated prices for decades. Even with their attempts to arm twist the government with the threat of job cuts we still have the cuts.

    I suppose you will want an Armed Forces Union next.
  7. X59

    X59 LE

    I'm surprised that it's taken the SDSR debacle for you to realise that ANY government neither fully understands nor cares about the forces.

    Never has.

    Never will.
  8. The point is the country has money for everything BUT defence, namely overseas aid, The EU, devolved politicans, bogus asylum seekers and lets not forget all that money being poured into entertainment for the prison population bless em!

    It isn't about what the country can afford, it is about the politicians deliberately undermining our forces and our country in the hope of us all becoming good european citizens.

    They are a bunch of f*cking criminals who only care about their own bank accounts and keeping their snouts in the trough!
  9. EU does make a MASSIVE profit in terms of favorable trade bearing in mind that something like 90% of our trade is within it; the UKIP stuff is pure bullshit. That is, oddly enough, why we joined them in the first place.
  10. That is absolute bollocks we joined a trading bloc in order to make trade easier not a f*cking superstate.

    Besides we pay FAR more into the EU than we ever get back from the corrupt, dictatorial b*stards.

    Notwithstanding the fact that it would be illegal for the EU to put trade sanctions in place under WHO rules. A trade agreement is one thing anyway... the cost of the sneaky federal state being illegaly imposed on us is quiet another. You do realise that ALL EU treaties have been signed illegally under English Law don't you? The Hundreds of billions we have paid is actually theft of our nations wealth.

    Now I'm sure your such a democrat that you will agree it is criminal that we have been denied ANY say on EU membership or will you use the worn out "Representative" democracy argument?

    The VAST majority of UK people want a referendum and were promised one by ALL parties. Until we get our say, nothing those parties do regarding Europe has any legality because they do not represent us anymore. On the contrary they are guilty of treason.
  11. You could well be right. I wouldn't invest to much time, money or indeed hope in ever seeing a prosecution on those charges though ;o)
  12. The Military lobby: how do we create one?

    ARRSE is trolled by journos all the time. Let's set one up. Piece of piss.
  13. Yes I agree with what you say about politicians, self serving, self seeking ***** and on the whole I believe that most are only out for number one. The problem is that they are a necessary evil. We have to have some form of Government otherwise it is anarchy. Dont forget we can get rid of Cameroon and Clog in 5 years if we have the will.
    Overseas Aid is used to buy influence in those areas of the world where the resources are, why do you think the Chinese have such a presence in those countries in Africa with natural resources, those resources that are finite. In maintaining that aid, we are maintaining a stake in the future.

  14. Yes. Vote for Dead Millipede in 2015!

    (I wonder?)
  15. Form a party.... fill it with wounded veterans, call it "Protest Vote" you never know....