The Military Covenant

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BobMugabe, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. The military covenant is back in balance, so says Des Browne at the ZANU/NL Conference, so it must be true!
  2. Hahahahaha!!!!!
  3. But Legs, he said it live, he would never lie to us, the great unwashed.
  4. What??

    You mean you were serious?

    I thought it was a joke.

    Now I'm REALLY depressed.....
  5. Yes, just caught him speaking at the conference on Sky 504. He claims the covenant is now back in balance!
  6. Thanks. Would appreciate a link when available.

    BAFF was criticised for saying that the covenant was out of balance.

    So how come the Covenant is apparently now "back in balance" if it never was "out of balance" in the first place?
  7. Here you go;


  8. Thanks! Good speech I thought, and interesting quote from the RBL.
  9. Would be interesting to know if the RBL did say that.
  10. Probably based on an interpretation of this;

    Source Linky
  11. This much-revered "Military Covenant" is a figment of the imagination of those who champion issues for their own ends.

    The UK gobment (for as long as it's existed) has never had the slightest interest at all in what happens to squaddies (or Armed Forces personnel in general) once they're wounded or otherwise put out of action. This is an undeniable fact and I seriously challenge anybody to prove the opposite!

    Let's just dump this total load of berllix into the trash-can of history, concentrate on what we can do for those who bought into this load of crap and direct our attention to those who need our help and support.

  12. I must admit I would be surprised if you had ever heard about the Military Covenant before it was mentioned by BAFF, RBL, or on this site. Nevertheless it has been an extremely useful argument for those who have been campaigning, with some success but a long way to go yet, to improve conditions. The military covenant wasnt devised by the Government: it was written by the Army.
  13. What a good thing for the powers that be that the so called military covenant does not form part of terms and conditions of service. Nor of course is there any contractual obligation but rather a "mutual commitment" or "unspoken pact" to this, that and the other neatly making a rather moveable feast.

    Provided the powers that be think they are treating us fairly, valuing and respecting us as individuals and "sustaining" us with commensurate terms and conditions of service then all is right with the world. Huzzah! At last a "land fit for heroes" as dreamed of by our grandfathers when they too were up to their necks in sh1t in the trenches.

    I just re-read the above and am now concerned I may be a little bit on the cynical side. Hope that does not lend itself to putting the covenant back out of balance again, that really would be tragic.
  14. Just thought I'd add this little gem from his speech - Outlining the Government's support for the most seriously injured soldiers, Mr Browne said: "Frankly, because of the leadership that Gordon Brown showed on this issue with the help of the whole Government and the devolved administrations, we will live up to the guarantee that being in the armed forces will never again mean getting worse public services than others."

  15. Is he on drugs????