The Mighty Red Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wet_Fart, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. For years we were terrified of Ivan the Bear rolling through Europe and spreading evil.

    If Only we had seen this.

    Russian Parachute Regiment
  2. why does this look like a really heavy handed, gay answer to the British Army Amarillo vid that was around a while back. The only difference was that one was meant to be funny.
  3. Ye Gods, they MUST be running out of recruits.

    Only in Russia, would they do something quite so amusing.
  4. Good to see the RPD (or is it an RPK) shown at 1:14/3:07 being fired by the original owner instead of a hanky head of some description. Good bipod grip, too... not using the Hezbollah Unload.

    Shame about all the feet-apart landings though.
  5. They look pretty competent to me: :D

  6. The translated lyrics are a tribute to the man who transformed them in to fearsome Killing machine...................Jimbo
  7. They're going to get a hell of a shock when they work up the bottle to fight someone a bit tastier then the georgians...
  8. We need a decent, well informed comment on this. Where's Sergei when anyone needs him?

    As for me, I just think that its probably Russia's answer to the Village People. I do like the little sailor tops they wear under their combat jackets, though. Very gay.
  9. They even have a training thingy to practise running through the queuing lanes at the cinema or airport...very thorough, but if had a gun and a platoon behind me I don't think I'd bother with queuing.


  10. Camper than a row of tents!
  11. I thought it was only their special forces that wore the blue and white thing.
  12. So, shoot the MMA guy rather then fight him hand to hand? job done!
  13. No, the VDV wear them. They are long-sleeved and fairly thin. My mate (a Russian Paratrooper ) brought me one back from the Rodina last time he was there.