The Middle East Peace Envoy?

As soon as they run out of oil then there will be a **** off big war and then peace will prevail in the massive glass carpark!:)
So how quickly can they get the old Ark Royal up and running with a few Harriers as top cover. Of course we don't need them as we are not involved with that type of conflict. Give it a few weeks and we will be, get ready for the next Govt sponsored suntan tour me thinks!!
As soon as the oil runs out, nobody will give enough of a **** about them to bother nuking 'em.
Very true. But until then, nothing can be allowed to interrupt the flow of Black Gold. No one really cares how many Libyans. Egyptians etc die. They are worthless. What is keeping our so-called leaders awake at night is the possibility that Libya's oil fields may be torched. Or Egyptian nutters start taking pot-shots at oil tankers on the Suez Canal.


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Or Egyptian nutters start taking pot-shots at oil tankers on the Suez Canal.
Jesus ****ing Christ, that is tonights Top **** Fantasy. Drop the Knock Nevis into their muddy canal and life would get interesting. If Bad CO had not blackballed my Big-Tank-Crane-Things Forum we would have somewhere to discuss it.

What the **** is a Tony Blair?
All sorted: Latest on Bliar' website all is solved:

"we must breath new life into the peace process"

Mind you, a singular lack of comment since 14 Feb 11

Is this because high level negotiations are taking place..... or is it another hol;iday?

I await the memoirs of one of his security team for updates!
Very fair comment Recce19, but Bliar is the one who has, according to his interview with Andrew Marr, been making phone calls to Gadaffi !

Multitasking is not always a good thing.
Ah yes, the same Blair who can turn gold into sand......unless it's his own!

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