The Micks and Polo Ponies

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Sir Oracle, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. Hey all,

    I know this topic tends to raise a bit of a shitstorm on the forums, but I want to ask about elitism in getting a commission in the Guards.

    I'm from the Republic (of Ireland) and I'm currently thinking of going for a commission in the Irish Guards. From all the replies to other topics on ARRSE about the Guards turning people away due to a lack of polo ponies, I got the impression that since the 80s the Guards had taken people on merit, and no longer just opted for those with landed titles, rich parents etc.

    However, according to a guy I know (also from the South), who is currently commissioned with the RIR, when he went up to Belfast and spoke to a recruiter initially (some Colonel, I believe), and told them that he wanted to go for the Irish Guards, he was asked how much land his family owned, and was then told if he didn't have polo ponies, lots of land, etc. he wouldn't even be considered, so he went for RIR.

    I was under the impression that this was just a stereotype these days, but the fact that a recruiter actually came out with this leads me to believe that there might be a degree of truth to it.

    Can anyone verify this one way or the other?
  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Ah. Hello. Have you come far?
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  3. Sorry, I meant 'he', not 'we'. He went up to the recruiter, not me.

    Excuse my cack-handed typing
  4. Could be true, when I told my recruiting officer that I didn't have any Polo Ponies left as they'd all drowned in the last match, he said it would have to be the RAOC or something colonial where their standards wern't as high! ;-)
  5. yeah right. The Micks have given Late entry commissions to their RSMs and I don't think they had polo ponies. By the way the mascot is an Irish Wolfhound, not a polo pony
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    There is a difference? Wow. My farrier was confused by my latest Irish polo ponies having claws rather then hooves. I told him to shut it and shoe the ******* anyway. They have not exactly performed as expected. I think now, I may have the explanation. Thanks.
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  7. Last I checked the AGC Polo team was one of the better around as far as Regts/Corps go. Nor do I recall seeing the IG with their own team - could be wrong (again...).

    Go for the Regt you feel an affinity for, or have an interest in.
  8. Okay, so in the event that it's not in fact true, what was the recruiter up to?

    Was he politely telling him to **** off, or do you think he just didn't like the Guards?
  9. Probably - to both.
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Who knows? Either it's a bullshit story or the recruiter is an idiot.

    There is no requirement for large amounts of money, land or polo ponies in order to qualify for a commission in the Irish Guards.
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