The Mexican Mexican game.

Can any of the old timers out there remember how to play the game Mexican Mexican.

I remember the cups and I believe it was three dice each.

That's all I can remember :cry:

I'm off down to work at Wimbledon for two weeks and I need to liven up our nights because all that chefs do on a night out is talk shop.

Do you mean "shock" where you have a cup, and 3 dice each, have 3 rolls and collect the dice showing a "1"?
No bud not that one, this game the word Mexican was associated with the number 6.

I think you could only use two of the dice in your final score and if you had 6,6,1 you could say mexican mexican. If more than one player called mexican mexican then the last dice would come into play.

It was a bluffing game as well.
Cheers Bud.
In Wimbledon at the moment, haven't had a chance to play the bloody game yet.
I have a day off on Sunday so will be giving it a go Sat Night.

Your help is appreciated though :thumright:

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