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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by northern_warrior, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. Folks, I have noticed that there are a lot of the green machines best
    into some serious music on these here boards. So I thought it would be pertinent to set up the Metallers thread.

    Gigs up and coming (Download for instance £180 a ticket! But a fookin good line up! Not to mention the free RATM gig @ Finsbury Park)

    Experiences? - Covered in piss, eardrums destroyed etc

    Best Gigs? - Name the band, place and why?

    Best bands? - Apart from the usual, Metallica, Machine Head etc

    Old against new? - Maiden to B4MV

    This is the thread to turn fellow Metallers onto new experiences.

    Share the love folks.

    And.......Bang the head that does not bang!

    Cheers N_W
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    best gigs? either Helmet or the Rollins Band back in the day. proper hardcore. \m/ \m/
  3. Loving Devin Townsends solo stuff at the moment, nice to see Evile finally headlining a tour this year, glad multi purpose chemical have wrapped it up after telling me I was to old to be their guitarist the cnuts. Hoping for some decent album releases this year. Favourite gig so far this year? Evile at Manchester, great gig. RIP Mike, sad to see you gone mate.
  4. Arthur Brown, still touring, catch him at El Canuelo in Andalucia if you ever get the chance El Canuelo linky
  5. Download is only £145 for a weekend festival ticket and the line up is already worth every penny of that for me.

    I am currently being blown away by Tool. I have started developing a liking for heavier and heavier stuff as I get older and searching out unsigned bands is a bit of a hobby of mine.

    Just for the record though, I will state that Motorhead are the best rock and roll band in the world - I have seen them 35 times live but I am not obsessed with them....:)
  6. Any unsigned bands you can recommend? My son is a bit of a metal head (has seen Motorhead last year,going to see Machine Head this Tuesday and has just bought tickets for Sonisphere) He's been into Tool for quite a while now and altho I'm not that keen on the music I love their videos.
  7. I'm now feeling really old, as Iron Maiden count as a new band.

    Anyone know if Overdrive will be playing again this year?
  8. AC/DC still a great live band, Megadeth played Folkestone Leas cliff hall a few years ago; funny to hear Mustaine laughing at playing a bingo hall.

    Download for me at £180 a ticket plus travel, food, etc is a massive rip-off. The original Donington's were much better and more fun, not so commercial.

    Currently listening to Within Temptation, Sisters of Mercy, The Wildhearts and The Almighty! ;)
  9. Sorry, I should have specified.

    £180 - For 5 nights camping + 3 days gigs

    £170 - For 3 nights + gigs

    £145 - For just the 3 days gigs

    Glastonbury is similar prices if my addled memory serves me.

    Very good line up for your money either way.

    Cheers N_W
  10. Aerosmith and Steven Tyler, what's that all about? Is he or isn't he still the vocalist? Would be interesting to see how many established bands have replaced lead singers and still stayed popular/credible!
  11. Each to their own mate. It is what I choose to spend my money on and I love it :D
  12. The Darkness \m/.....00.....\m/

  13. Steel Panther are the Bitches t*ts, heavy metal Karaoke, every pub should have one.
  14. Actually, regarding gigs. I've not been to too many metal gigs, but I'd say Ramstein who I saw at Wembley Arena last week were pretty good, with a shite load of pyrotechnics for good measure. Also saw Marylin Manson at a Reading Festival one year, the year he did the duet with Eminem, and that was good, too - but not as good as Ramstein. Although my girlfriend saw him last year at Download, and he cr@p apparently.
  15. Don't get me wrong, if you're happy to spend that amount fair enough, just not my choice. Seen most of the bands at this year's line up back when we were all young in the 80's so I am not missing out on much apart from the newer bands, and I'll get round to them sooner or later! :)