The Met has gone PC mad...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Apr 17, 2005.

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  1. Sod catching criminals :? this sort of crap isn't even funny anymore.
  2. the term "ethnic minority" is now reserved for people of caucasian origins in the Manchester/Leicter regions
  3. Is there a special office in the Met where these things are thought up?

    Must be a fun place to work if there is.........and I'll bet they don't have a token whitey.
  4. Well, if I was a Met copper, I'd be striding purposefully in to the Head Shed's office, and contemptuously flicking my warrant card on his desk, uttering the following words: "That's it cocker, I'm history. Ram yer career up yer tradesman's!" If enough coppers did precisely that, and then rung up the Daily Mail for a scoop story, the penny might start to drop. But none of them will. They'll blithely put up with all this shyte, whilst spouting about how much paperwork they've been lumbered with, and then proceed to pull motorists for doing 31 in a 30 limit so's they can accrue enough smartie points to keep the Chief Cnutstable in a taxpayer-funded Jag and Hobnobs. *******, the lot of 'em.

    I used to be very pro-police - 'It's not yer beat plod's fault. It's the fast-tracked university clowns in management that's the problem.' Well, I don't believe that crap anymore. I'm glad I never got in the plod, as I would't have lasted five bloody minutes. If any coppers had any sense, they'd see where things are going and get the hell out of Dodge. But... "Well, it's me pension, see?" Yeah, I see. Ram it!

    Hacked off of Basingstoke. :evil:
  5. Why do you think I've live abroad for the last seven years?
    It's because perversely I feel more 'British' than in UK - If I call a thieving wog a thieving wog here because he is one then no one bats an eyelid....couldn't do than in Blighty I'm afraid. [and the fact that Bliar has been running the country for that amount of time too] ..Rant over.
  6. Basingstoke? F&ck me, no wonder your fu&ked off.
  7. Buck that is utter sh1te. If the rank and file old bill did that, the over sensitive P.C. head shed would just get rid of them and recruit more 'on message' tossers who'll tell them what they wanna hear.

    When the Heirarchy realise they've got lots of 'representative' community aware, culturally sensitive young pups who couldnt nick themselves shaving and crime figures are rocketing, hopefully that will make the public realise the problem, and big organisations always bow to public pressure.

    The rank and file coppers need to be in it to change it, but do need to express their views. Strongly.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    How would they get them ? Drop the entry standards again ?

    They seem to have enough problems getting qualified coppers out of the raw material that's selected at the moment.
  9. My brother is a Met policeman in an Inner-City borough (he finished his probation period 3 months ago) and is a graduate with 3 years 'real world' work experience between leaving university and starting at Hendon. He's bright, very dedicated and has a very strong sense of right and wrong as well as a desire for justice as opposed to 'law'. He intends to get into a quite unpleasant aspect of police work, and I'm sure he'll be absolutely fantastic at it as he's blessed with self control that I doubt I'd be able to exercise in the face of the sort of people he'll be dealing with. I don't intend this to be a bleat about how wonderful I think my brother is BUT I wanted to point out that to a large degree the individual coppers detest the rules they have to live by, but it's the only way that they can do their job. I've been 'nicked' for speeding in the past so I can moan with the best of you about the police going after supposedly 'innocent' motorists instead of the ‘real’ law breakers; but there are more police officers who think like my brother than those who don't and their number one priority (whilst acting within the rules imposed on them) is to serve the law abiding communities and remove the anti-social scum from the streets.

    I take issue with BuckFelize’s comment about them “blithely put up with all this shyte, whilst spouting about how much paperwork they've been lumbered with”: there’s nothing ‘blithely’ about it: my brother’s supposedly finished a shift at 04:00, had to do paperwork till 06:00, been told (whilst out on plod the night before) that he’s due in court the next morning (his kip time) & then, although he could cry off duty the next night, he goes back on so as not to let the lads in his team down. He gets angry & frustrated about it, but sees the benefit of his job above the form-filling PC system that he has to work within. If you think of the rules imposed on their behaviour as you see your RoE then you may understand it better.
  10. It is not the rank and file, it is the headsched and the politicians. The headsched do not have a clue what is going on, on the street and are very happy to comply with what ever ludicrous ideas the liberalist PC idiots come up with.

    The politicians just want the Police to run like a business and could not understand why it did not make money. Hence the new points system and the multitude of speed cameras and other types of fines.

    For those that then cry "It is all for road safety", blx, why don’t the Police chase foreign motorists who are caught speeding. Too much work! Far easier to make the fast buck from the UK peeps. Not much about preventing crime or making the roads safer in that is there.

    Laws now seem to be made to fit some stupid type of Utopia of which all people are warm and friendly and only accidentally do something wrong. If they do they must be treated nice and shown the error they made. The crims and the terrorists are laughing their socks off.

    Blx country, blx party in power.
  11. you think thats bad- i am a prison officer
    we now cant use the word 'cells'. They are 'ROOMS' now ffs!!

    it gets worse too.........
  12. Police do not catch speeders.. they give themselves up to police. Unfortunately like everything else the government has given targets for road safety to police to achieve. Part of this is supposed to be achieved by speed cameras (I happen to disagree with how effective this is). Do not tar all police with the "speed cameras/catching real villains" cliche.
    Most coppers I know would rather spend 8 hours of their shift on the streets helping/dealing with the public than the 4-5 hours it takes to process a prisoner through custody. The paperwork / procedures were brought in to protect the rights of both detainees and the police officers dealing with them. Unfortunately it has now been taken to the nth degree.

    YES most bad ideas come from the muppets upstairs much the same as the armed forces

  13. Yeah similar to us the powers that be wish us to refer to it as a 'house' not a hospital and 'guests' not patients 8O

    If they are guests they can wipe their own arrses and I can stop locking doors to stop them leaving :twisted:
  14. How would they get them ? Drop the entry standards again ?

    They seem to have enough problems getting qualified coppers out of the raw material that's selected at the moment.[/quote]

    Oh they'll get them if it looks like accepting them will 'improve the public image' along the lines of - he might not be a very good street copper, but he can speak the languages of such and such a community.

    Not much bloody use if he's teeth have been kicked down his throat cos he didn't react in time or read the situation!
  15. Her her DB. Nothing is better at putting of little twoccers and mugger from being a pain in the arrse than when every couple of minutes they see old bill around them.

    But you can't proactively patrol an area if you're filling in: a 'stop and account' form cos you've asked someone 'what are you up to'

    or waiting outside the custody area cos there aren't enough Sgts to book in the prisoner,

    or you're putting on one of the 3 different types of computer report on 3 different systems each taking 30 mins

    Or awaiting an overpaid snotty shiny arrsed solicitor to turn up.

    Then when finishing at 0800 with said prisoner (2 hours after go home time) you have a coffee and go to court @ 0930 to see a case you worked hard on get thrown out over a technicality/ get a piddling result because of pity for the scrote - not the victim!


    Rant over