The Met,being sued yet again

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. He's a fcuking chef FFS. What did he expect when he took the job?
  2. I bet the next move will be one sueing London Council for not letting them sh!t in the street like they do at home.
  3. "I had a letter from the human resources department saying that I would not be required to cook any pork. But this was not exactly what I wanted as a guarantee."

    What the fcuk did he want - a letter from Buck Pal signed by Liz herself?

    Being supported by the National Association of Racist Police Officers as well. W@ankers.
  4. Gentlemen, these people are taking the pish out ot you.

    Deal with, it or you will face an avalanche of claims. Yes, I know that

    you don't need me to tell you, as some of this stuff is being lined up

    here as well.

    Good luck.
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    how DARE you try to infringe his human right not to be a chef.

    Perhaps he should be taken to court by his customers, for infringing their human right to have a big greasy full english?
  6. Strikes me that the moron who employed him in the first place should get a shoeing.
  7. Am I being a bit dense here? He is taking the Met to a tribunal because they discriminated against him on religious grounds?

    He's being treated exactly the same as any other chef so where's the discrimination there?

    The other thing I wonder, did he insist on every Friday off? Did he also refuse overtime if he worked on a Sunday?

    Profiteering is forbidden under their law so if he wins his case will he be giving the money to charity?

    I have a few Muslim friends who are great guys and very well balanced. They often get very embarrassed about this sort of thing because they worry that all Muslims will be seen as money-grabbing.

    Perhaps this is just a case of the NBPA trying to overload the Met with claims to try to exert pressure to force their own racially motivated agenda.
  8. Mr Khoja, who previously spent four years as a catering manager at the Royal College of Defence Studies, also sits on a Food Standards Agency advisory committee on Muslim issues.

    Above passage is a quote from the article in the Telegraph; did he NEVER handle pork or pork products at any time whilst at RCDS?

    Presumably, Mr Khoja doesn't watch Top Gear - if so, he'd be offended by Richard Hammonds nickname of Hamster (yes, yes - it's early on a Sunday morning, not great for jokes. Apologies.).
  9. What a load of pish. The whole notion of a complaint like this being taken seriously shows just how pathetic our society/legal system has become.

    So we have a chef that wants to be compensated for being asked to cook pork and a legal team to be funded by tax money to argue the toss. Everyone (apart from those who will get tax money thrown at them) is a loser.

    I want my bleedin tax money back if useless twats are going to waste it like this. :evil:
  10. More forking tomfoolery in this knackered country.
    While he was at Royal College of Defence Studies i take it there were no bacon butties etc.
    Some how doubt it, just another fookwit jumping on the bandwagon to take our cash.
  11. So, should he be let off because he is Asian? I don't think so and I doubt if any Asian would want that to be the case. He resigned the day after he was suspended, that smacks of guilt to me. He is also being tried in a Surrey court rather than a Hampshire one which would point to him being given the best possible chance for a fair trial.
    Perhaps this is just a case of a 'bent' copper and his race is irrelevant?
  12. Is this chef married? If so I'd like to 'pork' his wife... what would he make of that ay? I'd argue that I boned her instead.