The Messages of support to BW thread.

Please post your messages of support to the Black Watch here.

NB, No political messages or wailing about the Politicians , just wish them the best , and let them know they're being thought of and supported .


To the Black Watch

Keep safe Guys, no point saying make us proud, you'll do that anyway. We're all thinking of you and wishing you fair fortune and home soon.

come back alive, no more no less.
Do us proud fella's show the septics how to do it with true professionalism.

Stay safe, home soon.
The Guys in Fally are thinking of you..........Show them the proper way to do it and get home safe and sound.


Kit Reviewer
Go well. Show them you're the professionals we know you to be, and stay safe.
all of my best for the best here!

apologies for writing something that was edited. didnt mean to..... just got angry........ it happens :lol:

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