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Discussion in 'Officers' started by CitySlicker, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Intrigued as to an aspect of military life that is obviously very underreported yet very important considering the amount of time that will be spent there and the home that it would become, anyone got any pictures of the type of room you would have or the inside of a mess? I'm quite intrigued it must be said, does the standard of your room improve with rank?
  2. You from 'The Scum', or some other rag or what?

    Your 'standard of living' will become a 'little' better through graduation. It is then purely down to your standard of Leadership, Soldiering and also the ability to learn yet take heed of the SNCO's, who inevitably WILL be guiding you away from the moronic ideas, yet urging you with the good.

    Go with the flow, don't expect the savoy, but always remember, the Juniors have to share, so at least you can lay in your pit, all night if you like, thrapping about the skanky waitress in your mess who has been skimming the air with what you thought was either clam chowder or lobster thermidor.

    Pictures would be an incriminating act of malice, unless a 'tea-bagging' or unusual tampon insertion was evident.

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  3. However, this may well be your standard of accommodation, dependant upon where your posted of cause. Bat-'men' come with rank entitlement though.

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  4. If you go on some overnight fam visits you'll see for yourself.
  5. Mutley,

    You might find it hard to believe but in some place junior officers share rooms too. Shock!
  6. No I'm not from the sun or any other form of publication!
  7. It depends where you are and what the mess is like - some are still of victorian vintage, having had (perhaps) a refurb in the 60s or 70s. Some are brand new, novotel-esque (or any motel/hotel) single rooms with a shower room.

    At all locations I have served at, rightly, the Officers Mess was the last to be refurbed when the rest of the garrison was uplifted to the latest standard.

    Never known Officers to share rooms in a mess though...