The mess and LCpl Wives - your view

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by flame_haired_adonis, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Can someone tell me why that just because i have fallen in love with a girl who is a junior rank, why should she not be allowed to attend mess functions with me her fiance, is it my fault i fell in love with the wrong rank, my RSM wont let her attend.........your view!!
  2. See here been discussed before about ranks etc
  3. WOs & Sgt Mess for WOs and Senior ranks, if your bird is Military then she should not be allowed in simple, unless the badge decrees that she can come along to a designated function then so be it. Otherwise unlucky.

    This is always harped on about, the solution is simple, get her promoted.

    Ever thought of having two on the go, one could be your 'true love' who can't come to the mess, the other can be your 'Mess function trophy' min rank of Sgt??

    Just a thought :)
  4. one worded answers are not helpful and will be culled
  5. What, real men prefer beer to women?
  6. If you want I can pop round and keep her entertained whilst you're at the mess? Although someone else in the block is probably already doing that ;)

    Or is she a minger? If she was fit then the badgeman would probably say "yes"
  7. If the RSM has said no then demand to know "WHY NOT SIR"
    Threaten to redress your grievance.
    See how far it gets you, in my view think yourself lucky neither one of you has been posted -----------Yet.
    8) 8) 8) 8)
  8. Oh why don’t you just F*ck off
    I am sick and tired of all this bleating about it not being fair,
    Because life is not F*cking fair, he’s the RSM, it’s his mess and it’s up to him what guests are appropriate or not
    If SNCO’s don’t like that fact, simple become JNCO’s again, or even better, I refer you to my first line
  9. Strictly speaking, it's not just his mess, but all the members and as such why should the majority feel uncomfortable just so the minority can have their own way?

    I suggest that anyone who wants to bring a junior rank into the mess stands up and address members at a mess.

    The divisions that the mess(es) provide are there for a reason; and they work. I for one would be very unhappy if Junior Ranks attached to Seniors were allowed to attend functions; and yes i would express this to the RSM (After many mumblings with other mess members).
  10. I can't ever remember being in a WOs and Sgts mess whereby the RSM/PMC consulted members on the rules. Is this a new touchy feely concept?
    I am dismayed that the original poster has so little respect for the institution he is a member of to question the RSMs judgement. Correct in my view.
    :? :? :?

  11. And it's not the RSMs either so act like a Senior Rank and abide by the rules and conventions of the mess. All the other military in the mess have done the time to have the privelege , and it is a privelege,of being there. Once you start diluting the mess you may as well close it and all go to the NAAFI together.
  12. If she is not in the same chain of command, ie the seniors in your mess never meet her in a professional capacity day to day then it shouldn't be a problem. FFS she isn't exactly going to wear her rank at the do's, she'll just be partner/wife of sgt bloggs. It grips my shit when some people come away with the archaic bullshit.

    They let any old scrubber in as long as she's a civvy, but god forbid she be a professional soldier who's probably done tours in service of her country, oh no, they are far too beneath the mess..............

    However if she is in the same COC, then i suggest one of you gets posted.............
  13. I thought this one had been sorted out in the '80's for god sake.

    3 messes I stayed in allowed the wife in PROVIDED she wasn't in the same chain of command or preferably Unit....

    but in end it's down to the man, it's his mess
  14. Yeah i agree. If she has no influence on your unit in question, let her in.
    They let all the civvies in, partner, wife ect and those without bring any old scrubber for the high street.
    Its an exclusive club and one i support, but if an MPGS LCpl can come along to the function as a partner then your bird could too (if she's fit)!
  15. Wife yes. Fiance is completely different I'm afraid.