The Merry Muses of Caledonia

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Punch, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. In a few days we (most of the civilised world that is) will be commemorating the birth of that best known of all Scots, he of The Immortal Memory, Rabbie Burns.

    Burns' appeal was universal, but more universal than many imagine. Burns loved the Lasses, there is no doubt of that, and considered all men his friend ( there is no suggestion of course that he was anything but "straight").

    For those who really wish to know how much he enjoyed his "Houghmagandie" I recommend his "Merry Muses of Caledonia". You may Google it - there are 40 pages of "interesting" poetry. Be aware that it is not for prudes and hypocrites.

    And for those (Sassenachs?) who do not understand the Lowland Scots dialect, I would, with the utmost respect, ask that you please, please learn what the song "Auld lang Syne" actually means.

    If you enjoy the "Merry Muses" let us know.

    Happy Burns Night (I plan to get "blathered" - just as Burns did on many occasions).
  2. I remember ,as a lad, Burns Night suppers in the cellar of our church. Used to be the full on affair with pipers, haggis, and readings of Burns by the Minister and the Church Elders. There was a fair ammount of Scotch involved once the women and kids had been sent home, you could smell it over the scent of polish for days after.
  3. Hi Folks,
    I hope I have not affected in any way your opinion of the talents of Robert Burns.
    The songs and poems from his "Merry Muses" were in fact painstakingly collected by him from many sources, often travelling entertainers who in many cases could not read or write and whose knowledge would have been lost on their death. This is what Burns was very good at. Although he wrote many of his own works from the heart and his imagination he was acutely aware that such travelling entertainers and occasional songsters had a wealth of material which should be preserved. He collected words and music of his time and used his unique talents to see they were not lost forever.
    For that alone he deserves recognition.

    However in my opinion his greatest talent was his interpersonal skills. What other husband could bring his children from an extra-marital relationship home to his wife and persuade her to rear them within the family!