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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Dave_Bcfc, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. Hey all!! I was just wondering what peoples opinions were on the Mercian regiment?

    I have my selection next week which i should pass all being well. When i went into my recruiting centre i done the BARB test etc and i scored 75 or something like recruiter was trying to make me go intell corps or geographic technician in the RE. I told him i wanted to do infantry as that is the reason i want to join the army. He said well what regiment..i had no idea about any of them really so i asked him to suggest me one and he said as i was from birmingham the mercians were a local regiment and he put down 2mercian for me.

    I would like opinions of soldiers from all different regiments so that i can get an idea of what people think of them and if they have had good/bad experiences with them?

    Im just intrigued more than anything and can't wait to get going!! :D

  2. Just joined 2nd mercian ACF E-company Glossop det,Yeah I am only 14
  3. anyone there??
  4. Shut up Cot Death.
    He is on about the Army, not Kindergarten.
  5. Cadets is basically a Younger generations army so shut up
  6. I had a mate in the Staffords, not heard from him since they became the Mercians, i'd guess not that much has changed though. They're a good Armoured Inf Regiment.

    That said, if you've got the head on your shoulders to go techie in the RE, long term i can't help but think you'd be better off doing that. RE trades seem to have good employment prospects after you demob. Your call though.
  7. Its my family regiment (Notts & Derbys), join the Yorkshire Regiment
  8. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Polar: I'm glad we're not related - with friends like you...

    Dave: Glad to hear that you're thinking of the Infantry. Cutting to the chase, you'll love it. At the end of the day, we are the supported, rather than the supporting, and the Infantry is where it's at. F$cking brilliant, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Ref the Mercian Regt, they are a good, sound, straightforward bunch from the Midlands. 3 Mercian would work well for you considering your background; they are currently in Tidworth and move to Germany next July, continuing in the Armoured role.

    2 Mercian would also work. They've loads of guys from the Midlands, although mostly Worcester, Kiddi, Notts and Derby. They're in Belfast at the moment and are doing pre-training for Light role in Afghanistan next year.

    1 Mercian are in Catterick. Light role in a Mech Brigade.

    Once in any of the 3 Battalions, you can move between them if you so wish. I've worked with men from all 3 over the last 12 years and have found them professional, straight talking, no bull-sh!t guys.

    You'd be better to hear this from the horses mouth of course. PM Bradshaw - he joined the 2 Mercian last year, deployed on HERRICK 6 (the gung ho MF) and is now looking at specialising. I exchanged a few e-mails with him, but don't know him, so he'll give you an honest answer. He'll also be able to give you the gen on Catterick.

    In the mean time, I'm more than happy to get someone in Battalion to give you a call. I'm not serving with them at the moment but still have a few contacts. Give me a PM if you need more.


  9. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Well said rordog - get yourself to Catterick asap. Your Battalion needs you :D

  10. thanks alot DPM :)

    I know people say go for other stuff you can get a trade etc and have better job prospects if i go RE,REME,Intell Corps..My mum wants me to go RAF because she thinks i would be safe!! Bless her :lol:

    The thing is if i never went infantry.. i would always have the concience (spelling error?) that i never put myself in the thick of it and experienced what it was like on the frontlines.

    My Recruiter said there are still quite a few brummies in 2Mercian is that true? If not i wouldn't be to bothered anyway as they will all be brothers right?
  11. Dunno, do your brothers fill you in and nick your stuff?

    If you want lots of brothers go for the RLC.
  12. there is also the rifles and royal regiment of fusiliers who both recruit from the birmingham area, have worked with all 3 in the 80,s and 90,s good lads.
  13. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt


    Yes, quite a few Brummies in 2 Mercian too, so no dramas. And they've got a good role in a great Brigade. Being in Belfast has also been great for the lads (singlies having a great time with the Irish ladies, but Birmingham International quicker to get to for 10 quid than from most other base areas for significantly more on petrol).

    Like I said, you can switch between Battalions after bedding in, should you wish, and alot of training is done Regimentally (JNCO, Sniper, Recce cadres, etc).

    If you want to talk this through, give me a PM with contact details and I'll put you in touch with the 2 Mercian Regimental Career Management Officer, a commissioned soldier and general good bloke. He'll talk you through what's going on.


  14. more brummies in the staffords than the woofers