The Mercian Regiment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wheel, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. This Saturday 1st September . 22nd Cheshire Regiment , The Worcester and Sherwood Forresters Regiment and The 1st Bn Staffordshire Regiment merge to become The Mercian Regiment. I am quite surprised that there has been hardly a mention of this sad day in the history of three , (formerly four) great regiments . I would like to wish all of them the very best and hope they continue in the best traditions of county regiments.
    The ceremony takes place at Tamworth Castle.
  2. Formerly five, The Cheshire,Notts and Derbys (Sherwood Foresters), The Worcester,South Staffords, North Staffords (Prince of Wales's). Being a former North Stafford I noticed this.
    Good luck to the new regiment who will ,I'm sure, carry on the proud traditions of all the constituent regiments.
    Oddly enough I was reading through my records which I got from Glasgow I had in fact not joined the North Staffords but The Mercian Brigade although I was badged North Staffordds.
  3. The latest wound to the proud history of the British Army.
  4. apparently there was some bad blood over the Regimental Mascots, withthe Goat being retained as an Offical Mascot of the Mercians funded by teh MOD whereas the Stafford terrier was relegated to unofficial mascot and no funding.
  5. the merging of regiments is only the start eventualy all inf regs will have one cap badge with the title brit corp EU Army
  6. Disgraceful. But I for one shall raise a glass at midnight to my local regiment, the 22nd of Foot!

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  7. Until the practice of having national corps is phased out to prevent unfair competition.
  8. A sad day indeed. Tradition means nothing to the fukcwits who run our country nowadays. Even though the Army strives to retain its traditions, they get lost in the mists of time. Even the Really Large Corps had traditions when they were separate entities but have now merged into one (witness the cross-pollination of Conductors from the RAOC across to others). For the infantry, this is even more of a loss.
    Next step will probably be the Royal English Regiment, the Royal Scottish Regiment and the Royal Welsh Regiment. Then the EU Regional Regiments with all non-infantry being the Really Big Support Corps.
    As of now, not one cabinet minister has any experience of serving in the Armed Forces and there are only 2 or 3 MPs with any military training whatsoever. The first time in history this has ever happened.
    Keep up your traditions, lads, and remember your history. Be proud of them.
  9. Anyone else going to be there? My cadet contingent is going to do some kind of command task competition.
  10. i will be there with my son, and wearing my veterans badge with pride. I am ex RAOC but am gutted for the Inf lads having another piece of their proud heritage taken away by those who have no idea what it means to have served. And that's from an ex shiny arrse!!!
  11. I think you mean the RAM which is the official mascot of 1WFR.
  12. yes sorry the Ram.
  13. Generally sympathetic coverage on the Today programme this morning, with interviews with the Stafford's Regimental Secretary, the W&SF Regimental Museum chap plus an old Stafford (quote "once a Stafford, always a Stafford") as well as the new Colonel.
  14. EX BLEEP even though I did not serve in any of the regiments concerned in this latest merger I whole heartly agree with your sentiments.

    Ex 1 DWR (now 3 Yorks)
  15. Welcome the Mercians! Make it an opportunity, and look forward. Take pride in past achievements, then go on and do more, together.