The Mediocrity of RLC Officers

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Danny_Dravot, Apr 5, 2005.

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  2. is this really where it comes from???

    or are some regiments/corps more popular than others when leaving sandhurst? more popular and hence only the top few get in leaving other regiments/corps with the scapings at the bottom of the barrel....

  3. Would that happen to be a Capt who is synonymous with a well known pie-eating darts player?
  4. Birkers! Not all Capts are pie-eating darts players 8O , some of us are crazy beer-swilling bridge players :lol: . (though not me :cry: ).

    As a teetotaller who doesn't drink (esp when frequenting certain Felix & Ferkin or Catz Club establishment whilst wearing my usual agressive camping clothes), I would count myself well towards the bottom end of the grey dullards that were referred to at the start of this thread.

    My pie-eating darts player friend has been serving back in Germany where somehow he managed to go dry for a period. No mean feat as anyone based in Gutersloh mess could tell you. He also managed to avoid sending scathing emails to his boss whilst he was there too! :x
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I know the gent in question. He does not eat pies to excess nor does he play darts.

    An awfully nice chap, good officer and quite a character. More like him needed in the corps.
  6. Totally agree. follow this link for details.
    The key problem is that as corp we spend so much time f**king each other over the scraps.
    We will never use our size (25% of the Army) to out advantage.
    Example. Go on JOTAC/JCSC/etc
    If you are guards etc, get pissed, prove incapable of giving orders or doing an estimate or asking 7 or 9 or whatever questions. What happens.
    Oh, well done Tarquin you made the top third. Why? Because your Guards DS will look after you.
    However RLC feel compelled to shit on fellow RLC officers. Just because you have RLC DS doesn’t mean you get any leeway. Quite the reverse, you are 2 or 3 times more likely to get seen off. Give me teeth arms any day of the week over RLC
    I’ll tell you right now whats the problem with RLC officers. When did this job stop being fun?
    I find 2Lts beavering away trying to get top marks on MK1and worrying about the beige list. Get a Life.
  7. OK try these fictional scenarios for size:

    You are the CO of a an RLC Regt. Whilst Going to the traditional Regt Xmas service in your Service Dress you notice that one of your OC’s is not wearing RLC collar badges.
    He is in fact wearing RCT collar badges.
    What do you do? (In this case nothing)

    You are CO of a Regt. You like to mention how you abhor bullying and take all measures to prevent it etc etc etc.
    So would you then create clear favourites amongst your officers.
    Have quite a few BBQs/parties and invite only those officers on your ski team, or ones that had gone to Bosnia with you.
    Ensuring a few of the Capts and Lts are never invited round.
    (It probably helps build esprit d’corps).

    You are a CO. One of your big things is admin. One of your officers has his child rushed into hospital overnight. They hear nought from the Regt.
    And although you get a bed state every day its a month later when the child’s mother raises it with you at a dinner night. She wasn’t impressed. What do you do.
    (look concerned for a bit, she’ll go away in a minute)
  8. It must be hell being commisioned. Cheer yourselfs up with the knowledge that the two day accent selection you did as a spotty teenager will see you through to at least command of a squadron.
  9. Sorry about the spelling mistakes Rowley before you start.
  10. RLC Officers and especially Knightsofrowallen,
    Don’t kick yourselves to hard yours is not the only Corps with such problems. Others too seem to be able only to operate on the principle that “I think that my Corps is ARRSE at everything it does therefore, instead of improving it by showing how different I can be and what an impact I can make I will persecute my own or other Corps that I feel are inferior to mine.” I find some Bde DCOS very adept at this tactic, although it is not exclusive to them. The shame of it is that because the Corps are so busy ripping themselves and others apart they fail to see poor the performance of some Teeth Arms units, especially when deploying on ops (Admin is for Hats). The examples that you raise are just plain bad leadership and not exclusive to the RLC. As we know the chances are that you will serve under two COs, three if you are lucky and your experiences will come from them. KOR – you seem to have had a bad bunch.
    Notwithstanding the above, i agree with KORs comments about the sad state of 2Lts. their only goal seems to to get promoted ASAP and not to bloy their copybook onteh way to becoming one of the above DCOS.
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator


    You seem embittered. Something you wish to share with the group?

    So it would appear that even the commissioned ranks have problems with bitching and the struggle for power. Show me on teddy where the nasty man touched you.

    The only answer is to get yourself on the next ATO course, then cause merry hell with tales of women, drink, debt, celery and vomitting on the CO's dog. Just like it used to be.

    However, I can sympathise. Not only are you expected to be a Tp Comd, but then have to do a specialist course. Once qualified you will only only use the specific skills learned for two years before being posted to another, possibly unrelated unit, maybe returning some years later as an OC and trying to relearn those skills from the "long course". No suprise that it gets quite nasty in the heirachy.
  12. Maybe it is the sheer size of the corps which lets its officers down, and not he officers letting the corps down. Before the RLC many jobs were corps specific.
    ACC - Their officers were generally LE's who knew the catering trade inside out, with the occasional Sandhurst wallah looking lost and bemused.

    Pioneers - Their officers were warry infantry types who managed similar troops who did light engineering and defence work as well as managing works services.

    RCT - Officers who day in and day out either managed drivers, maritime or hotel bookings (movers).

    RAOC - Officers who spent alot of time in dusty warehouses, smelly fuel farms large ammuntion depots and other out of the way of the rest of the army places.

    Posties - Officers on holiday from the real RE.

    Once the RLC came about it has become too hard for some officers to grasp many of the tasks they are supposed to be performing, such as transport one year, stores the next, movement control after that. Maybe its time some carrer paths were put back in place so that the experise needed in particular fields can once again be in place. Jack of all trades and master of none is of no use when you are supposed to be running them.
  13. Awesome isn't it!
  14. For an AT it surprises me that you don't actually know many ATOs!
  15. For the querulous mendicants among you, "synonymous" means "has the same name as" or in some cases, "two things with different names that share the same properties". I was not suggesting that the officer in question eats pies or plays darts, but has the same name as a big fat arrow chucker. And it rhymes with "rocky".

    I'll put some meaningful debate into this thread later.