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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JoshMillss, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. The medical will start with a basic screening. This will involve measuring your height and weight, eye test including colour vision, hearing test and breathing test. Those individuals who are heavier than predicted will have further testing performed to ensure that you are muscularly built rather than fat.

    The doctor will confirm your medical history and ask you to undress down to your underwear. A chaperone will be made available during your medical examination if requested. This is normally a member of the ADSC medical centre. A female chaperone routinely accompanies any female applicants who is examined by a male doctor.

    The doctor will carry out an extensive examination including an assessment of your joints and muscles. You will be asked to perform functional tests such as hopping, jumping, squats and press-ups to ensure that you are medically fit for arduous training. Male applicants will have their scrotum checked to ensure that they do not have a hernia or testicular swelling that requires investigation. This is because that significant scrotal swelling can cause pain and discomfort if performing a large amount of physical exercise and therefore such conditions need to be treated before starting training.

    Female applicants may have a breast examination as part of the medical and no applicant will have an internal examination of any form. There is no requirement for blood tests or vaccinations during this medical. However, you may have to go for further tests or investigations if anything significant is found during your medical.

    Recruits are expected to have an adequate level of dental health. There is no dental inspection at ADSC, although some individuals with very poor dental health may be deferred at their medical until they have received adequate treatment.

    Source: Army recruiter,On live chat at

  2. Thanks, that clears alot of things up.
  3. Damn!
  4. Im waiting for my medical forms to be signed off before i go to selction (hopefully), I had a hernia removed back in 1999, this has been verified by my doctor on my medical forms. Will this casuse a problem?
  5. Until the AAC recruits go to Middle Wallop and meet Flashy or the AAC Association visits with MDN.
  6. Who knows these days.

    It will need further testing no doubt as something like a hernia can re-occur, there's no guaranteeing. Just be as honest as possible, which we all try to do.

    I'm guessing you're worrying a lot, thinking yes i'm finally joining the army, and then the next minute you're like "Will I get in?.. What's going to happen?"

    It's a hard life!