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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stick, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I was just wondering, when the doctor has sent the medical form back, with a few yes's on the list (past issues, none present, does it go back through to childhood?), what actually happens next? Can your application fail based on the medical questionnaire, or do you get called in to discuss things or have an assessment?

    Many thanks,
  2. It depends on what the the doctor has said yes to, I wouldnt worry mine had a couple of yes's and I'm starting basic next month :D
  3. Thanks, its not anything that I would personally label as problematic.

    Well done, and lots of luck come next month :D

  4. If there are any boxes marked YES on the RG8 and are not explained in enough details by the GP then a further information letter will be sent back to the GP for clarification. If its due to specialist appointments then the GP will have to send off and get the information required so it can be time consuming. Once the medical sister/SMO has all the information required they will either set you as suitable to continue through the process, defer you for a period of time or medically reject you. If deferred or medically rejected you may still appeal against the decision if you feel they have been advised wrongly straight to the medical wing at the ADSC (address will be on the deferral/rejection letter you get). i have known a number of successful appeals whilst i was recruiting.
  5. Yeah I got a fecking deferal till next year, No idea why, not got Asthma or anything like that...
    stupid Dr probably made a mistake.
    I'm appealing against it though, just gotta wait till I get the reason back.
  6. Hi

    I know the feeling mate, I actually got a fail but dependent on further information that gets sent in a letter by my doctor; plus a letter of explanation from me. It relates to an incident 15 years ago, and my doctor wrote a very minimal description on my form which meant that the army doctor has probably viewed it entirely differently to how it actually was. So I am currently in the process of trying to get my doctor to write a letter which makes sense and provides factual information that the army doctor can use. It is frustrating because how he words the letter is going to impact upon whether my application can go any further.

    Chin up, and good luck with your appeal,
  7. Hi,

    I was just reading your post above, as I'm currently waiting for a letter on its way in response to my written medical. I can't stop worrying about it, and can't wait for the letter to turn up so i can finally see whats up.

    I can only assume at the moment it will be further information required. But I was wondering, from your experience with recruitment if you have known any problems with shoulder stabilization procedures? I have read up on all pdf documents of the PULHHEEM System, and I'm well within the requirements (its been 22months since the OP and i have fully recovered and continued to train).

    I train twice a day, 3 -5mile run every morning, and weight training in the evenings. I just hope they don't reject me on the basis of whats written on a piece of paper? Sorry to waffle on, I'm just so concerned. I would be devastated it this stops me Joining up.

    I appreciate your time, and any replies.

    Kind regards

  8. hey sticky..

    what happened 15 yrs ago, coz i had accident and was hoping that the gp/army medical wouldnt go back that far.. since now im stronger and fitter than ever.. waiting for a medical to get filled by my gp, before handing it back in..

    cheers mate
  9. You aren't likely to get a reply from someone who hasn't posted for 17 months.[/quote]

    thanks.. i read what pple wrote i didnt even look the dates lol..

    thx again