The Medical at RSC

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SamS, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. Is there a p1ss test at this stage?

    Like when they check your p1ss for drugs etc....
  2. yes

    dont think they test for drugs though

    protein, glucose, and blood
  3. What are you worried about?
  4. Don't worry it will be p1ss
  5. Yeah but who's ??

  6. Hmm, talking of p!ss.

    I remember being at RAF Chessington on rehab after a nasty Land Rover accident. I was in the NAAFI one night and this beautiful RAF bird had a few too many. She got up and stood on a table hoiked up her short skirt, pulled her kacks to one side and p1ssed in a pint mug in front of everyone. The she passed it round for everybody to have a swig. Needless to say we became great friends from that night on.

  7. wen i was there at 7th dec they took the piss out of me for drugs tests lol which i obviously passed off to catterick 11th march any1 know any thts joining same time?
  8. lol didnt realise it would change (p!ss to urine) feel rather stupid now lol
  9. did any1 get aroused when they plyed with your balls at the medical?