The Medical, AOSB and RMAS

Discussion in 'Officers' started by JayCam, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. Note: Sorry for the double post, this is also in health and fitness but thought this might also be a good place to post it as it is in regard to the AOSB and RMAS. Again since it concerns both RMAS and the AOSB I thought it perhaps didnt belong in the sticky.

    Hi I have just had the thought that my eyesight may but slightly outside the requirments for officer entry. What I was wondering is this:

    If I pass the AOSB Main but then fail the medical due to my eyesight, will I still have a pass at the AOSB which will be valid if I choose the get my eyes lasered? So I would be put on the RMAS waiting list after the 12 month check up, or would I have to retake the AOSB?


  2. There is a big AOSB sticky thread.................

    Thought i'd throw that one in before anyone else.

    My eyesight is also a bit dodgy at times, but am very wary of laser surgery as I don't want to fuck up my eyesight even more. With my luck I'd probably end up blind.............
  4. That's an interesting question and I don't know the answer, as it's possibly better to ask in the Professionally qualified section. I will say that an AOSB pass is valid for a full SEVEN years. But then the military is still quite strict on laser surgery. Could you not just wear glasses?
  5. If your eyesight is outside of the specified standards at this moment then having laser eye surgery is not acceptable. Laser eye surgery (only certain types) is only acceptable if your eyes were within the standard to begin with.

    To be honest, you have to be pretty blind to be outside of the standard. I thought my eyesight might bar entry but it turned out that it is well within the limits.

    I'm guessing that you wear glasses anyway and don't just walk around bumping into things?!
  6. I do wear glassed but if your eyes are a certain power, even if correctable to 6/6 (which mine are) then you will be dissallowed entry. I think mine are inside the limits though so I should be ok! Need to get an eye test to double check.

    Thanks for the replies.