the medical and eyesight

how bad does your eyesight have to be to fail a medical? my eysight is terrible but i wear glasses and contact lens. will this impact my selection?
Depends what job you're going for mate,

Every job has a PULHEEMS requirements, where each of the letters stand for something and are graded by number with 1 being the best/highest.

EE stands for left and right eye respectively.

As far as I'm aware, the highest requirement is EE 3 uncorrected to 1 corrected, and that's for tanks.

Make sure you find out beforehand, I got all the way to my PSO interview before I found out I couldn't do tanks.

Get your VA (Visual Acuity) - this is the thing that looks like '6/x' or '20/x'

I know that EE 1 is 6/6, 2 is 6/8, 3 is 6/12, 4 is 6/18 and then I don't know after that.

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