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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Warm, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. I saw this on the BBC today and god it made me chuckle for some reason,

    It made me wonder what age group the BBC caters to, ive never met anybody who hasnt posessed the common sense to understand the basics of a 'hand grenade'. Even then they've made a dodgy job of it, makes it sound like a grenade is something you reach over and politely tuck into your enemy's trousers!

    Whats the funniest/strangest/stupidest commend you've heard a Journalist make when referring to a Defence issue ?
  2. Sky News describing a column of 'American' tanks entering Iraq during GWII. They were actually CR2 - Sky News had exclusive pictures of the first British armour to enter Iraq and didn't know it.
  3. When it was announced in the summer of 1999 that 5 Airborne Bde was to be disbanded & the pegasus badge was to be exchanged for the budgie.

    The Sun claimed that the "Paras" (regardless of cap badge) were working through the night, making banners to protest about it.

    I didn't see a single banner, which was unsurprising as the majority of 5 Airborne were deployed in Kosovo, while 2 Para were only back from a tour of NI & most of the blokes were on leave.
  4. I know it's RN but anyway - constant BBC reporting about the '42nd Commando' until an irate BBC news producer put out the word "it's Four-Two Commando".
  5. Generally, any armoured vehicle is a 'tank' and any serviceman a 'soldier'.
  6. Funnily enough the Sun is the worst offender for all of these.

    Referring to all RAF pilots as 'Top Guns'. No they're not they're c***s. Referring to any small jet aircraft regardless of its actual role as a 'jet fighter'. Referring to AWACS as a spy plane, it isn't. Referring to any classified document handed in having been lost (a la their edition last week) as Top Secret, despite it being marked clearly on the front as Restricted... chimps!
  7. Referring to booties as the Royal Marines Regiment is a good one.

    I remember partaking in a helicopter assault display a few years back at an air day. The booties were playing the enemy and we had 8 Seaking Mk4's toppers with matelots with guns. When we disembarked on the 'beach', (which was shown on BBC News), we were referred to as Royal Marines (errr, matelots with guns DO NOT act like booties/nor look like them) on the Evening news and the commentator at the airshow. The Corp RSM was there at the time. I think he's only just calm down now :D
  8. Yeah the BBC keep going on about the Israeli 'tanks' shelling Lebanon, fools thats artilery not a tank!
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Just about anything printed by the Scum :cry: Well done TND (and a certain MOD for being taken in by him)
  10. BBC and a claim of 45 mintues?
  11. Many friends who were pilots have died in action - I find that comment offensive - This isn't the naffi bar!
  12. I've worked with a couple of RAF Fastjet aircrew and to a man, they have been really really good blokes.

    It's the fcuking cnuts that work in movements at Brize/Lyneham that I have a problem with.
  13. The plank of a reporter referring to the "Royal Scots Guards" despite having been briefed at least 4 times that the unit was "The Royal Scots". Grrrr.

    The journalist installed on an american camp cot in a 12x12 on a concrete hardstanding, right by the cookhouse and portaloos at Ech saying " I had no idea life in the field was so basic" Ho Ho Ho.
  14. I think it was the Edinburgh Military Tattoo or a show like that on tv, when the US Army had it's drill team on and the BBC kept calling it them the US Marines...easy mistake to make apart from different cap badge, colour of uniform, colour of hat....
  15. In a similar vein, Natasha Kaplinsky on BBC Breakfast during GWII :

    “We now join Caroline Wyatt at British military headquarters - who, like all correspondents, is not allowed to disclose her precise location or operational details. Caroline, where are you, and what plans have they got for today?"

    ....well worth her £400k p.a.