The Medals System

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Run_Charlie!, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. Our medal system. Not that I think we should go overboard like the septics, but I think we could do with recognising the acheivements of the troops :)

    Bit of a dissapointment to find that multiple tours on Telic and other zones do not qualify for any further awards. Surely we should recognise this? Perhaps a bar on the ribbon?

    Anyone any thoughts? How would you change the system?
  2. Just as a matter of interest, what do you think of the medal system for the Great War and WW11? Those wars of course were World Wars, culminating in millions of deaths. In the main, I think that campaign medals were Stars. So, after fighting all over the world, your tally of medals could be very slim and a poor reflection of service.

    Just a thought :?
  3. Bars for extra tours would get my vote.
  4. You do get recognition for other service. The ACSM takes this into account and it does have a bar awarded to denote another time period award!

    all NI, Iraq, Afghan and air ops tours count towards this medal and in my opinion it is a good idea. Seeing someone with that ribbon is an achievment to say the least!
  5. Am I right in thinking that the Afghanstan medal has a rosset and bars. Or did I imagine being told that???

    I think that people should be reconised esp. as it is such a contraversial situation in this country. I have actually witnessed a soldier being spat on over IRAQ.
  6. numerals on the medals would be good, know quite a few blokes on thier 3rd tour of iraq but only have the one medal. would be good to recognise the effort of being away all this time.

    some people have done bosnia more than six times. im sure there are people who have done it more than that too.

    i heard that a rumour that numerals were taken off because it showed poor operational cycles.
  7. What a lot of gong-hunting moaning crap! I don't think I've ever heard of anyone wanting extra bars for the umteen tours in NI in the good old days when they were needing them, not feeding them like today! If todays lot had fought in a proper war like the cold war, then they would know what fighting was all about and be in need of a medal...
  8. talking of medals any possibility of getting a real life oxygen thief medal block for him, so people who arent on the internet can avoid him too
  9. Numerals are gay simple as

    Bars for extra tours ? No, once you go down that route you will get guys asking for different medals etc for diferent jobs as an Infanteer does X more fighting that a slop jockey. WWII had stars for campaigns as it was a workld war, we do have medals for campaigns except they are for limted areas (Iraq, 'Stan etc)

    If you ask me I feel that they have the right balance, the OSM gives the flexibility to have a medal per hostile area, in days gone by it was one medal and lots of clasps, . Don't forget that OSM's can have clasps, not for numerous tours but for recognised areas within the tour that are deemed more dangerous, for example, for the Helmand Province they might decide that it warrents an Afgan OSM but with Helmand Clasp, not saying they will, just suggesting it could
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  12. GSM 1918-62

    GSM 1962

    I suppose what I was getting at is, that as you will see, from the above, during my time in the army medals were scarce and two GSM’s covered some considerable service and varied campaigns.

    I’m all for the medal system of today. Service personal deserve their medals. It is in fact the only way the Government shows any form of appreciation for service given. Napoleon realised this from the onset. Great Britain took considerably longer to appreciate the need for recognition!
  13. As Mutley so clearly used to say : 'Medal medal medal medal'
  14. Engraved with the dates of your tour - yeah, I'd go for that
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