The Measure of a Man

Discussion in 'Officers' started by cpunk, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    OK, I accept that I couldn't tell a Rolex from a Bollox but MDN is claiming that you can get the very measure of a man from his watch, shoes and handshake... how? What is it about these things, or anything else that you can think of, which is the big 'tell'?
  2. Shoes foremost, tells you whether he can be asrrsed to keep his appearnce up.
    Rest is crap, MPs etc have passable handshakes (there's probably a course they can do) and yet are tossers to a man.
    A watch is a watch is a watch.
  3. Try telling that to flavour Flav!!! I am sure he would disagree..... aiiiiii!!!
  4. Really??



    I know which one would give me the best impression of the wearer!!! :D :lol:
  5. A handshake tells you many things.. Are you firm, assertive, submissive, confident, shy..

    A pair of shoes, if cheap and pants but well presented and looked after paints a picture of him

    A watch, if its a Breitling Navitimer will tell you that a chap is, handsome, virile, spectacular, a demon in the sack and can fart in tune with Jerusalem
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What the feck has shoes, watches or handshakes got to do with anything? What a load of shoit.

    George 'Monkey-boy' Bush has great shoes, a well practiced handshake and used to have a nice watch (until it got nicked). You might say "Well, measured him up, and he's a good guy", until of course he opens his mouth, then it goes to rat-sh!t.

    The measure of a man is many things, principle among these is the abilities and honesty therein. Indicators of this are the results he obtains for his efforts, and the manner in which he expends his energy to achiev those results.

    As far as MDN goes, well, I bet he's got a nice handshake, shoes and a watch, but they're covered in spaff, female animal juices and small body parts. Nuff said.
  7. For first appearances, as they do count, then what MDN said does hold true. With regards the handshake, it's not all about the hand! It's the general body posture, whether they look at you when they shake your hand, if they stood up when they shook your hand, if they said anything, and if they did, if it was loud and clear or a squeak... There's an awful lot there which can help you assess someone within about 3-5 seconds!

    Shoes - clean, polished, good shoes demonstrate someone who is capable and willing to maintain good appearances.

    Watch - Probably bottom of the list with me, but they better have one, and it better be accurate. Obviously I don't say, "So, is your watch accurate" but you get my drift.

    All the above is first impressions, is max 10 seconds, and makes a world of difference. If you make a bad first impression, it's much harder to claw your way up from that bad start.
  8. I meet up with clients from other companies quite reguarly and I would definitely say first impressions count and last. If someone grips my hand hard when shaking it 9 times out of 10 I will think to myself "Your a tw*t" and in most instances I have been right. Shoes probably are the first thing people notice and if they are sensible, polished black ones then I will probably think that the guy is quite professional as long as he wearing decent, ironed clobber to go with them. As for the watch, a G-Shock in a suit just doesnt cut it. I dont think the brand is important, just the type, a steel analogue one will fit the bill in most cases.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Looks hard to tell what the time even is on one of those:


  10. Bang on.......

    In my line of work I have to weigh someone up in moments, and with those three things you can generally determine quite accuratley what sort of person they are.

    Keith Harris being the exception, Firm Handshake, very expensive well presented shoes, Patek watch........ but a cnut!
  11. I still wear my G10 watch 3+ years after getting out...

    What does that say about me?? :?

    Cheapskate? I have been a shhtudent for those 3 years...
  12. Clearly the top man wears the top watch!!!
    I tend not to be able to get them to go round my petite wrists though.

    As for shoes - I've never owned a pair of 'churches', does this make me a bad man? I hope not because they don't make them in my size so I'd need to chop my toes off to impress MDN!!!
  13. What a complete load of cack.

    Your list shows that the guy you have met has practiced his handshaking and greeting, has someone else clean his shoes and knows where to buy a watch or is a politician/sales lizard.

    None of this makes him a nice person to know or someone to trust. Anyone who decides within the first 10 seconds whether they like someone is a very shallow person and deserves everything they get.
  14. Its not the shoes as such, moreso how they are maintained.

    Next and River Island do common all garden shoes, scuffed and shoddy is no excuse, but to a squaddie thats generally preaching to the converted.

    I was a Regional manager for recruitment a few years back, and blokes failed their interviews before they opened their gobs just on appearance and bearing.
  15. [quote="minister_doh_nut]

    In my line of work I have to weigh someone up in moments, and with those three things you can generally determine quite accuratley what sort of person they are.


    Freudian moment perhaps?