The Mean Christian

Three ten year old lads were knocking on doors trying to earn some pocket money by doing odd jobs.
They tried the local church verger's house and he told them to wash and polish his car and if they made a good job, he'd make it worth their while.
They spent almost three hours washing, drying waxing and polishing the verger's five year old car and it gleamed like new.
They knocked on the door, told the verger that they'd finished and he came out and went over his car with a fine tooth comb. Eventually, he grunted. "It'll have to do, I suppose." Then, he pulled his wallet out and the kids grinned expectantly as he flipped it open and then closed and put it away again. He pulled some change from his trouser pocket and gave them fifty pence each.
The lads just stood there slack mouthed and unbelieving.
One kid, in angry tears said.That job took us nearly three hours and all we get is a measly one pound fifty? thanks a lot, virgin."
The verger replied. "I supplied the materials, you can think yourself lucky..and it's verger, not virgin.
The kid answered. "It's not fair, you're just not being fair, virgin."
The verger shouts. You ungrateful little snot, clear off..and the title is verger.. v-e-r-g-e-r, not virgin."
The kid shout back..
"Well, you're the tightest cunt I've ever come across."
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