The Mayfly Is Up! Fishing Stories?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by caubeen, May 15, 2007.

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  1. [align=center]The Mayfly Is Up! [/align]

    On waters from Hampshire chalk streams to the western loughs of Ireland, the cry has gone up.

    Trains used to halt, smothered in clouds of emergent Mayflies. Parliament and the Dail were strangely empty for a fortnight. Barristers, surgeons, soldiers and parsons would forsake their posts.

    Piscatorial ARRSErs must have some rare - and occasionally true - fishing stories to relate . . . . . 8)
  2. current affairs? now if I take away the letters from 'current' that are present in the word 'arrse' you'll be left with a good description of this particular pass-time. IMHO! :)
  3. For seveeriall good reasons.

    Mayflies are of the Order Ephemeridae, being - er - ephemeral. Like current affairs.

    Mayflies, on rivers, are inevitably borne off by the current. Geddit?

    The affair in question is the catching of fine, fat trouts. On fly. Anything else is poaching. (bottleosmoke, put that Bloody Butcher thingy AWAY!)

    Although we might touch on other - ahem - Country Matters . . . . . 8)
  4. Get a speargun and get in after the bstards.
    (Works best in seawater)
  5. Gennith-bach! How are the pustules and chancres of west Wales today? Responsive to your iatric charms and nostrums, we trust . . . . .

    Will a speargun be surf-icient for the lively bass of Rhosilli?
  6. The one that got away is more my story!
  7. Check out this guy ...Bill Dance 'star' of a long running american Fishing show...

    Bill dance fishing god
  8. Dunno much about fishing in ponds and sewers, but at sea I tow a small, rubber, sand eel type lure behind my kayak. 1' to 18" below the surface. Seems to be something about the noise of my paddle as the bass just go nuts for the bugger. Believe me when I say you KNOW when a bass has struck your lure!
  9. Indeed!

    And where is Captain Peter Lapsley - late KOBR and MI5 (which he tells to anyone who'll listen so no PERSEC imperilment), and ghostwriter-by-appointment to JR Hartley?

    Latterly also author of good stuff on Falklands seatrout fishing. For he is ancestrally a Benny/Kelper.

    Are you there, Peter?
  10. Well done!

    Sea-kayaking? Brave fellow.

    How do you prevent the lively bass from cowping the whole shebang, on reeling him in? Or do you tow it home and drown it? Have you any good bass recipes?
  11. I'm afraid you'll have to buy my book...I have several thousand signed copies if you are interested?
  12. None of which tells us of the loc of Lappo, yore ghost-writer.

    Can you get him fell in, please?
  13. I only spool out about 5m. Normally a bit of a tow knackers the beastie and a quick biff on the head settles the argument. If in doubt I just beach.
    As for cooking Keep It Simple. Barbie wrapped in foil with samphire in gut. Or give whole fish (guts n'all) to neighbours mailorder Thai wife, and get mega fish soup back.
  14. I tried that, neigbour said "bugger off, wife is from Myrther" and bopped me. Then she hit me over the head with said fish.
  15. My first Rhossili bass, on same day as i got my O-level results, was done exactly that way. Baked in foil on BBQ, having been stuffed with samphire from Worm's head cliffs. Scrummy! Lots of Muscadet to wash it down. Then we lurched off to the pub and the surfer-babes . . . . . Mmmmmmh 8)