The Mau Maus are revolting

I wonder who the human rights solicitor is for this case?????? Hmmmmmmm
Since when do terrorists get to claim they are entitled to compensashun for being spoken to harshly after them and their mates had been busily hacking 6 year old kids up?
I'm sure that CMD will authorise a payment following his apology for our colonial sins. It'll catch on in America soon, after all we deprived them of tea - a dastardly act if ever there was one.
Since when do terrorists get to claim they are entitled to compensashun for being spoken to harshly after them and their mates had been busily hacking 6 year old kids up?
Do you think this is a case of the Kettle calling the Pan grimy arrse.
I had the somewhat dubious pleasure of being in Kenya during the last two or three Elections and the violence I/we witnessed between the different Tribes and Parties was horrendous, it was also very well documented across the Globe.
Should they ensure that their own house is in order before casting stones at us?
A couple of million will be squandered on lawyers, a few will get quietly paid off so they go away and we wait then for the next bunch of nobodies to try it on. Kenyans, Afghans, Iraqis, whats the betting some scrounging Libyan tries to sue the UK before the year is out?
They have absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to gain. All paid for on legal aid. Paid for my you and I.
Is there some reference to that?
How come the 'Injury Lawyers For You' crowd haven't managed to scrape up some relative of an Irish potato victim? There must be some compo money there as Swiss Tony has already owned up to that one..
As I have not been able to access the Report, does anybody know what Tribe these people are from?
Mau Mau was the name of the movement and not the Tribe, me thinks.
I blame the record keepers. If the records had been kept properly this lot would have been on a list of terrorists and would not have been able to pass through the UK Border and the Immigration Department would have deported....

Oh bugger.


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As I have not been able to access the Report, does anybody know what Tribe these people are from?
Mau Mau was the name of the movement and not the Tribe, me thinks.
The Mau Mau mostly comprised the Kikuyu:

Vey true, the nationalist Jomo Kenyatta, who was an inspitaration for Mau Mau, had it taken from him by what he termed umaramari, criminality.

That Mau Mau grew out of the very real political and socio-economic pressures of the inter and post war years is indisputable, if anything it was a response to the failures of the two primary African parties that were in existence prior to 1947 (the KAU - Kenya African Union; and the KCA - Kikuyu Central Association, which was later banned), to reverse the alienation of the black population from ownership of the land, and their treatment as second class citizens by the settler population. The failure of the resistence by these parties led to a rift within Kikuyu society this rift, between moderates and militants which would ultimately lead to Mau Mau and rebellion.

Mau Mau was not just a war for land, but also a civil war of a society within a state: Mau Maus were "....the product of deeep political conflict within Kikuyu society." (1). It was war of identity and the right to forge political change between those in authority and the underclass. The schism is highlighted by Kenyatta's disavowal of the Movement (Kenyatta was the president of the KAU). Despite his public disavowal, Kenyatta was a convenient scapegoat for the colonial authorities and he was imprisoned for the course of the emergency.

The rift within Kikuyu society was one of class, on one side the moderates desiring following the path of constitutional reform, comprised of the bourgeois elements of the KAU, businessmen and traders that had benefitted from past progressive reforms, this faction feared Mau Mau as a threat to their prosperity and achievements. Mau Maus supporters came from squatters and the urbanised migratory workforce, often from the slums of Nairobi, whose economic foundations were tenuous and insecure due to combination of low wages and periodic goverment endorsed expulsions. Mau Mau leader, Eluid Mutoyni recognised this link between poverty and rebellion observing that "poverty has no patriotism" (2). The colonial authorities on the otherhand failed to recognise this link, for them Mau Mau was the realisation of their dualist view of Africa, both primitive and modern. For them Mau mau was a savage socerous rebellion led by an educated elite. They were blind to the division.

Yet there were also class divisions within Mau Mau itself, there was considerable "bitter enmity between literate and illiterate factions." (3)The literate was represented by the Kenya Parliament, the illiterate by the Kenya Riigi, and they disagreed on many points, including marriage and hierachy; the Riigi would accuse Parliament of being autocratic and westernised, whist Parliament accused Riigi of being primitive and parochial. The institutionalised spilt in Mau Mau reflected the split in wider Kikuya society.

Mau Mau was a Kikuyu response to a society and culture under attack, Kikuyu political activities throughout the 1930s were harrassed and repressed by the Colonial Authorities, for example the KCA being outlawed. In cultural terms the attack on Kikuyu traditional beliefs is best represented by the Female Circumcision Crises between 1928 and 1931, an attack on cliterodectomy led by the Presbyterian Church. If we ignore the right or wrong of female circumcision, it can be percieved as a direct attack on Kikuyu culture and identity: the attack was denial of Kikuyu identity.

I could go on but that will do for starters more to follow later.

(1) p.417 Lonsdale, J. ; "Mau Mau of the Mind", Journal of African History 31 (1990)
(2)Ibid, p. 419
(3) p. 11 White, L. "Separating the Men from the Boys", International Journal of African Historical Studies 23, 1, (1990)
One of the reasons that Mau Mau was predominately Kikuyu was that they did not trust other tribal peoples to be as loyal to the movement as their fellow Kikuyu, nevertheless other tribes were involved in the rebellion including the the Kikuyu's closest historical partners the Emba and Meera peoples and, to a lesser extent, the Kambaa and Maasai. It should also be noted there were other political groups during and predating this period for the Luo, Luyia and Swahili. It is possible the Obama Snr was amember of one of these.

The Colonial Authorities took a dual response to combatting the insurgency, including the drafting in of British troops and the arming of loyalist African groups. The nature of the counterinsurgency was to prove brutal in the extreme as Cooper observed: "The savagery of British counter terrorism in Kenya was built aginst the belief that the terrorist was a savage." (1) The nature of the counter insurgency also highlights the idea of a civil war, beyond the fact that British troops were brought in to aid the suppression of Mau Mau, the Colonial Government also created a loyalist resistence by arming tribal chiefs and policemen. These loyalists then established the KG (Kikuyu Guard), the KG were to prove the most adept of the loyalist militias in surpressing Mau Mau, however they mirrored Mau Mau in the way that they recruited through coercion, public confession and oaths of cleansing. The authorities and settlers came to believe that all Kikuyu were potential Mau Mau and as a result treated them as such, stettlers often percieved this as an oppurtunity to enact revenge against those who had turned aginst them, an approach that was to drive many into the arms of Mau Mau, after all "...if one were treated as Mau Mau... it seemed prudent to become one" (2)

One should note that Obama Snr was imprisoned in 1949, prior to the emergency though.

However violence in the prison system was not rare. A number of detention camps were establish during the emergency with a policy of "moral and political re-education to counteract the Mau Mau oath"(3)
In the detention camps policies were carried out to re-create gender roles along the European model and promote literacy, using literate rebels as teachers, these policies were designed to reintegrate them into colonial society. They were also designed to breakdown racial and tribal barriers and establish class divisions in their place. However these policies were ambiguous at best and had little support. The realisation that these policies were inadequate at best and would not serve to reintegrate Mau Mau came with the beating to death of 11 detainees at a camp at Hola. These detainees were assserting their status as political prisoners by refusing to work with the program. To have done so would have been a admission that their actions in the rebellion were wrong and that they were criminals. By objecting they were asserting their belief that they were "pursuing logical and irrevocable political aims"(4)

(1) Cooper F. p.319
(2) Lonsdale J. p.396
(3) White, L. p.20
(4) Lonsdale, J. p 416
Many Thanks, Rampant.
Kikuyu, eh, commonly known throughout Kenya as good shopkeepers/business people and now they can add this farce to their CV's!!
Dear God, if sounds like a Monty Python sketch, or something out of Yes Minister.

They will win of course.

Never mind, the British government is giving 20 million pounds to Kenya for education in 10/11 - cut the aid by the amount these squeezers get.


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Have you read what they are alleging. Amongst other things they are claiming that they were castrated and that the women were raped by British officials. If it is true then I think they are entitled to be compensated.

However that's a big 'if'. I find it difficult to believe that British officials would sanction or tolerate, much less participate in castration or rape.

Given what has happened in post colonial Africa it is perhaps more possible that locally employed soldiers/policemen/thugs indulged in a bit of torture rape and castration without the knowledge or approval of their colonial masters although they may have been complicit in covering it up for reasons that are obvious.

If something like that is the case then I think the current government's position is correct. If it was done at all it was not done by the British government or it's agents but by the agents of a self governing colony which became an independent country and is thus the responsibility of the government of that country.

Has anyone compensated the victims of Mau Maus terrorism? I imagine we may still be paying the odd widow's pension but I bet local victims got SFA.
Reminds of that Mugabe ******!

Murdering racist bastard can openly attack white farmers who have lived their whole life in Zim, but yer face dont match yer boots so your about to get slotted. All the while 'we' are gving them financial 'aid', you could not make this up in a million years LOL

Mau maus and Simbas...regular boy scouts the lot of them!
Since when do terrorists get to claim they are entitled to compensashun for being spoken to harshly after them and their mates had been busily hacking 6 year old kids up?
When you have a government who are so full of the usual handwringers/champagne socialists who conveniently ignore the fact that the terrorists started killing & terrorising not just white settlers but their own people who happened to disagree with their views!
FFS I'm waiting for Cameron to start apologising to the French for Agincourt & Trafalgar, perhaps the Germans for the "Battle of Britain", oh hang on though, what about any scrotish lump whose country happened to be at odds with us in the past 1000 years or so! Christ when can I start sueing the Romans/Vikings/Normans for the trauma caused to my forefathers during their cruel & barbaric invasions :-(
It makes me sick the way our politicians grovel to all these whinging *******, just tell them to **** off! It was 60 ******* years ago and the huge sums poured into Kenya over the years should have been used for the benefit of all Kenyans not just the ruling elite & their cronies! See this about corruption & land grabbing in post colonial Kenya :- "The building land crises in the country, experts say, will be difficult to solve because the most powerful people in the country are also among its biggest landowners.
The tracts of land under the Kenyatta family are so widely distributed within the numerous members in various parts of the country that it is an almost impossible task to locate all of them and establish their exact sizes.

During Kenyatta’s 15-year tenure in State House, he used the elaborate STFS scheme funded by the World Bank and the British Government, to acquired large pieces of land all over the country. Other tracts, he easily allocated to his family.

Among the best-known parcels owned by Kenyatta’s family, for instance, are the 24, 000 acres in Taveta sub-district adjacent to the 74, 000 acres owned by former MP Basil Criticos.
Others are 50, 000 acres in Taita that is currently under Mrs Beth Mugo, an Assistant minister of Education and niece of Kenyatta, 29, 000 acres in Kahawa Sukari along the Nairobi—Thika highway, the 10, 000 acre Gichea Farm in Gatundu, 5, 000 acres in Thika, 9,000 acres in Kasarani and the 5, 000-acre Muthaita Farm.

These are beside others such as Brookside Farm, Green Lee Estate, Njagu Farm in Juja, a quarry in Dandora in Nairobi and a 10, 000-acre ranch in Naivasha. There is another 200 acres in Mombasa, and 250 acres in Malindi.

Other pieces of land owned by the Kenyatta family include the 52,000-acre farm in Nakuru and a 20,000-acre one, also known as Gichea Farm, in Bahati under Kenyatta’s daughter, Margaret. Besides, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, widow of the former President, owns another 10, 000 acres in Rumuruti while a close relative of the Kenyatta family, a Mrs Kamau, has 40,000 acres in Endebes in the Rift Valley Province.

Uhuru owns 5,000 acres in Eldoret, 3,000 acres in Rongai and 12,000 acres in Naivasha, 100 acres in Karen, and 200 acres in Dagoretti. A 1,000-acre farm in Dagoretti is owned by Kenyatta’s first wife Wahu.

It is also understood that part of the land on which Kenyatta and Jomo Kenyatta Universities are constructed initially belonged the Criticos family. The government bought the land from him in 1972 under the Settlement Transfer Fund Scheme and transferred to the Kenyatta family the same day Criticos sold it to the government. Land for the two universities was subsequently sold partly and a portion donated by the family."

These are the people who should look after any so called victims of British terror, but no, our craven leaders will just let US pay even more money to these erstwhile thugs, when the Kenyan elite bask in almost undreamed of wealth!!

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