The Martians Are All Right

Hollywood producer Steven Spielberg (whose credits include "E.T.") says that the motion picture industry errs in depicting space aliens as malevolent and destructive. They are, he insists, actually motivated by intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of inter-galactic friendship.

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"I can't believe anybody would travel such vast distances bent on destruction. I believe anybody who would travel such vast distances are curious explorers, not conquerors," Spielberg said. "Carrying weapons a hundred-thousand light-years is quite a schlepp. I believe it's easier to travel 100,000 light-years with their versions of the Bible."

"Spielberg Says Aliens Likely Our Friends" by David Germain.
I can however see the point of travelling a long way to probe away to your hearts content.

It's obvious that the majority of Alien visitors are Extra-terrestrial squaddies having a cabby whilst the Boss is getting his head down.

"Hey Zartog, I bet you can't give the Human TWO anal probes at the same time whilst singing eskimo nell with this loo paper is stuck up one of your arrses on fire"

You want to know why their eyes are so big - I can tell you they are off their heads on Quiztoks Badger Banging Bitter.

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