The Mark Sharpe Case - Pornographic Stuff on Warships

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Pauvre, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Ok, perhaps the wrong forum but can anyone confirm that the MoD/RN/RAF or British Army procures pornographic videos/dvds/magazines for use on military bases/stations etc?

    Sharpe was a RN Chaplain who was dismissed after he refused to serve on two vessels that appered to officially sanction the showing of porn films - he argued the moral case at a tribunal and won the case

    I'm not really looking into the morals of this, but just whether or not it is acceptable to view porn on official premises etc :!:

  2. The MOD does not procure porn. In fact it is frowned upon. Doesnt mean soldiers dont have huge stashes of it though.
  3. Watch out watch out theres a journalist about.
  4. There is a significant difference between official sanctioning and the Capt of a ship declining to take disciplinary action which he may, or may not have considered would have had an unnecesarily adverse effect on his crew. The "porn" in question was probably very soft in any case.

    The Chaplain in question is a known trouble maker who should never have been let near a ship.
  5. Good point Steven.

    For the journo in question, everything I have said is purely speculation/my own opinion. I am not a senior MOD source. I could be a civvy as far as you know, but then again I could be the very model of a modern Major General (but i am not). Confused, you will be!

    Also move along, move along, there is no story here.
  6. Dear Journo

    You can buy 'porn' in any NAAFI shop just as you can in any corner shop selling magazines in the UK.

    As a matter of point though, the MOD prohibits the movement of porn between theatres - have you seen the stash the RMP have after a good Op PLUNDER and the display of pornographic literature or photographs (calanders) in offices or other public places is, quite rightly forbidden.

    I would equate the showing of a porn film on a ship as being similar to a bunch of squaddies sat in one of their rooms with a six pack each and playing a 'Debbie Does Dallas' DvD - perfectly harmless and normal.

    What is abnormal is a grown man making a living out of believing that there is a God in heaven and, being as all powerful as he allegedly is, that he doesn't watch porn.
  7. Pauvre,
    Please re-post this in the Naafi, where we can give it the proper answer.
  8. oldbaldy

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    Why? Are you are porn peddler looking for extra income?
  9. Guns

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    Free, official Porn!!!

    No one told me!!!

    Barstools. Right I am off to see the UPO about this and get my 17 years backdated porn. Anyone wish to help carry it to my cabin?
  10. I don't think the MoD or any of the Armed Services has a pornography procurement programme. The Defence budget couldn't afford it.

    I'm not sure what your motives are but one thing you need to appreciate is that the messes (living quarters) in warships and establishments are not just 'official premises'; they are people's homes, often for months at a time. What are you allowed to do in your own home? You will certainly have far more freedom than Service personnel in theirs.
  11. "If god didnt want us to masterbate, he would have made our arms shorter and porn wouldnt exist", Mathew chp 2 Verse 6 Revelations
  12. Well the Lord did make my arms shorter, but the Devil made my dick longer so I can still w@nk.

    Avi Satani I say. :twisted:
  13. Biped

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    What else is not normal - blokes doing long tours away from their families. Without the aherm, 'release' of tension that porn provides, you might find our chaps going down the clerical route to aherm, relieve their tensions without it.

    That priest is a two-faced celibate waste of time. His behaviour for his church is completely abnormal as far as biological necessity goes - what DOES he do when his sack is full considering he can't have sex and 'throwing one off' is a sin!?!?!
  14. My bold.

    If one was to believe "The sky pilots" God doesn't need to watch porn, he knows everything, IE, if he is all knowing then he has no need to look at porn, he already knows everything... if you get my drift ?´Quite boring really.
    I went to a "posh " catholic school, And i found the place was full of Wan+kers, who at times read porn in the lunch break...

    :oops: :oops: