The Mark of Cain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by James51234, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Anyone see this last week on More 4? (about a week ago i think-Monday?). Was a good drama i think, pretty powerful stuff. Your opinions?
  2. Complete poo and a misrepresentation of reality, I wouldn’t waste my time watching it.
    Are you the producer or one of the marketing lackeys?
  3. Shite
  4. Worse than that, it denigrates the troops it supposedly represents.

    The writer, director and producer should be invited to experience life in a real infantry company
  5. We are in the same territory here as "Bloody Sunday" by Greengrass. Both were a misrepresentation. Those in the know were/are able tear these programs to shreds. However, both were well cast, well directed and looked authentic enough to convince Joe Public that they were factual.

    The one useful thing it highlighted is the fact that there have been some bad own goals scored by squaddies with cameras. However it must be said that by far the worst damage here has come from the Septics.

    I've said this before on other threads, but the Iraq mission was scuppered when that photo of Pte Lynndie England with a leash round the neck of that poor Iraqi b@stard hit the papers.

    SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).
  6. It was the least convincing work of fiction since the 1997 Labour Party election promises.

    Mind you, the officers covering their own arses was about right.
  7. Complete trash I'm afraid. I managed about 20 mins before calling it off in favour of doing something less boring in stead. It was well filmed however and many aspects were correct, but why do they use such fags as the actors?
  8. Am I the only one to find that piece of Redneck Poontang a damn sexy little minx ?
  9. ...yeah, 'fraid so mate.

    Also, Mark Of Cain was gash. Made all squaddies out to be thugs and/or cowards.
  10. We are most certainly not cowards, why we are some of the bravest Thugs the world has produced!
  11. Drama...... seen more with a women with a rush (pmt)....
  12. Utter shite - saw a copy whilst out in Iraq and thought it made us all look like a bunch of cocks, Squaddies aswell as Officers. I think the comment above by The Cad about "covering their backs" was a bit unecessary aswell - unless the guy in question has had a personal experience that's a hell of a broad brush statement to make - as i saw it, it was the Sgt who did most of the back covering anyway.
  13. Oh believe me I've plenty of experience with officers covering their own backs by lying.

  14. Seen more the QARANC depot on a Saturday night......must go and see the dentist!!!!
  15. As have I with soldiers so I guess we're all square.