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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nightrained, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. What a load of shite. :roll:
  2. :? where have you seen it? i thought its airing got moved due to what was happening in Iran
  3. It's in the shops on dvd, I was going to miss it, and I thought it looks quite good. I was wrong.
  4. Can you comment on it? If so, please post it.

    This is now at least the fourth thread on MoC, so Marchant and his agent will be rubbing their hands - as will their bank-managers.
  5. The film is very cheaply made and gives the British Army a bad reputation.

    The film is about a platoon who come under fire in Iraq and two of them end up being killed. The following day they go to hunt down the insurgents and capture a few of them. 2 in particuler are taken back to the camp and beaten up and abused.

    The tour finishes and the platoon are back to England, where the film focuses on a section of men, who are up on trial for the abused soldiers.

    The film looks like a documentary crossed with a soap. The charactors are all dull and boring. There is no entertainment in the film. The battle scenes were rushed, as boasted by the director "filmed in a day".

    If you have nothing else to do on Thursday night, watch it, but I'm just pissed I had to pay for it.
  6. Its a fabrication made without any assistance or advice from MOD, simply trying to stir the shiite about a range of "senstitive" issues. Typical Guardian reader bowlaks!
  7. Thanks.

    Max Hastings has called it "compelling" TV that "tells some uncomfortable truths", and Libby Purves suggested it might " show soldiers what not to turn into".

    And thoughts on those? Or is it simply pi55-poor?
  8. Theres a very similer film about Americans in Iraq, simple called "American Soldiers". More or less the same thing.

    The only thing that's good about the mark of cain is it's accuracy in uniform and there isn't any major military/british army mistakes. Apart from there poor 3-puched webbing. But I'm just nit-picking.

    The film mainly focuses on two 18 year olds on the trial, although I'm very confused is we're to feel sorry for him or not. He deserves what he gets if he was willing to abuse soldiers. 1 of them is a good actor though, the rest weren't worth watching.
  9. Yeah, I'd read the Max Hastings thread, I'll still watch it, to make up my own mind.
  10. is it on on Thursday now then?
  11. Yes. 9pm. Just seen the trailer on Ch 4.
  12. I think we all should - but I'll be rather surprised if it goes down as a milestone of Great Meaningful Televisual Art.