The Mark of Cain

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by grey_mafia, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Just a 'Heads up' of what seems to be yet another 'interpretation' of Our Forces in Iraq. From what I have read (and seen) this is loosely based on the abuse of Iraqi POW's and the 'struggle' involved with a Soldiers conscience (that punter out of 'Shameless'). CH4 9pm, thurs 5th of April...
    Apparently, this will 'Spark both anger and debate on both sides..'
    NO S*&T!!, Considering what is going on in Iran at the moment, this programme will do us a world of favours.... NOT! Talk about the 'Enemy from within' (CH4)
    What these people will do for ratings... :?
  2. I can understand the concern. However, given the time that we have now spent in Iraq, the exposure the locals have had to us and the reporting of the incidents where locals have been less than properly handled, do we think that any Islamic individual will need this programme to be converted? They have the ability to believe implicitly what they hear in the market and are in no need of revelations. As for any UK civilian audience, those who would beat us have already taken sides. If the forces do take any stick, it is most likely viewed by the Corrie-watching, Big Brother loving community as chickens coming home to roost - that is, if they even knew of the phrase.
  3. BFBS TV will be showing this drama on Thursday evening so that British Forces overseas can see it at the same time as the UK and make their own minds up. There'll also be a discussion about the programme on BFBS Reports tomorrow (Wednesday) at 18.30 CET or you can view it online at
  4. Channel 4 have just announced they will not now be showing this drama tomorrow. The new date is 17th May, "subject to the diplomatic dispute between Britain and Iran being satisfactorily resilved".
  5. Good news, even better news is these bods being released! (fingers crossed..)
    Still reckon the programme should be 'binned' though.