The mark of Cain Thurs 5th April 07

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Seen this advertised on TV last week.Judging by the previews the seems to be a 'interrogation' bit in it along the lines of the 'mirror' crap.
    It's about a group of young British Soldiers in Iraq,

    From BAFTA Award-winning writer Tony Marchant and director Marc Munden comes this provocative, graphic and moving drama portraying a group of young British soldiers in Iraq.
  2. I wonder if it can pull off showing prisoner abuse stuff but still give out a positive message about the Forces.

  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Cheers pop's.Didne see that.
  4. Need to see before commenting
  5. BFBS TV will be showing this controversial drama this Thursday at 2205 CET, the same evening as it airs on UK television, so that British Forces worldwide can see it and make up their own minds.

    Here's the offical billing for the programme:

    "From BAFTA Award-winning writer Tony Marchant and director Marc Munden, and starring Gerard Kearns, Matthew McNulty, Leo Gregory and Shaun Dooley, The Mark of Cain is a provocative, graphic and moving drama portraying a group of young British soldiers in Iraq. Life-long friends Shane Gulliver (McNulty) and Mark 'Treacle' Tate (Kearns) are both 18-year-old privates serving in Basra in 2003. It's their first tour of duty and they want to go home and say they did something. But their rules of engagement as peace-keeping troops force them to face complex situations they'd never anticipated and to make instant moral judgements in a highly-charged, life-threatening and brutal environment. The Mark of Cain follows these young men as they experience the reality of soldiering for the first time and are permanently affected by what they see and do. But when they return home, rather than bringing back heroic stories, all they carry are tawdry trophy photos. And their discovery results in dramatic consequences that change both their lives irrevocably. The Mark of Cain won the Amnesty International Movies That Matter Award at this year's Rotterdam Film Festival, and the film opened the Amnesty International Film Festival in Amsterdam in March."

    The drama has already been condemned by many, including Tim Collins, from whom 'mark of Cain' is a famous eve of battle quote. Des browne has said "this film can only make the job of our soldiers more difficult and potentially put them at serious risk".

    Helen Williams
    Controller BFBS TV
  6. By the way, The Telegraph is currently running a poll about whether this film should be shown - currently 77% say no.