Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Navy1, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. I tried to post my disgust about this programme but after registering it wouldn't admit my username or the password.

    This programme was the worst load of rubbish I have ever seen, I could only stomach 40 minutes of it. If this shows a true picture of British soldiery then I must have been walking about with my eyes closed all the time I wore a green skin
  2. Glad I wasnt the only one sat in disbelief watching that, it's almost as if the makers were trying to drag HM Forces reputation through the dirt. but then what did I honestly expect... a fair representation?
  3. Guys of course it wasn't fair, accurate or meant to be a factual documentary. It was made without ant advice or assistance from MOD and designed only to be anti Army. It was intended to do exactly what it has done - that is to give the imprsession that it was factual and authorised whilst actually driving a nail into the heart of every hardworking soldier on ops and in camp. Scurrilous and traitorous drivel that should be ignored.
  4. I signed my army contract on tuesday morning, due to start basic training at the end of the month......and then I watched this "factual" programme....
  5. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    From the production company forums.

    I find that highly amusing. Having watched the film, where exactly was I meant to see that Tony has great respect for - and it's small 'a' now, apparently - the army?

    Possibly where he portrayed a generic culture of bullying? Possibly where he portrayed soldiers who behaved in almost every situation like complete amateurs? Possibly where he wrote officers and NCO's who, almost to a man, were exclusively worried about saving their own hide rather than doing their job.

    In fact, the only scene I can think of which had anything approaching respect for the Army was the Major defusing the riot by dumping the petrol the crowd wanted. Good drills that, showed an officer using lateral thinking to avoid violence when possible, something most people watching wouldn't be aware of. Everything else, though... :x

    Looked to me like if someone has an axe to grind, they're going to produce a hatchet job.
  6. It was factual, you'll realise when you're taped up naked in the showers!
  7. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm there right now!

    Typing this with my extraordinarily long and versatile cock.
  8. Can someone pls merge all these threads about this programme?
  9. I would have to disagree. Having seen all the media and Army hype about the programme before seeing it, I was pleasantly surprised at the treatment of some of the issues. I thought that the programme was relatively balanced right up to the abuse scenes and CM when it went completely off the rails. Of course in order to win the ratings war this type of programme has to be extreme and play to the public perception (or mis-conception) of Army life – hence the bullying and abuse. In light of the QLR and Baha Mousa CM and the other abuse cases, I no longer think that we can be so unequivocal in denying that this sort of thing has not happened in the past. I thought that the issue of moral courage (albeit with hindsight) was well portrayed; we can only hope that our soldiers have the moral courage to ensure that it does not happen again.

    What disappointed me was the fact that C4 decided to air the programme on the day that the most recent fatalities [may they RIP] were repatriated; or being incredibly cynical that the MoD deliberately repatriated them to coincide with the programme - I sincerely hope that this is not the case.
  10. I fear for the safety of British forces if this is aired outside of Britain, my fear is that as others have commentated that if this is aired in the Middle East. If this is on TV in Saudi Arabia, Iran or I'm sure their news channels will 'pick up' on the broadcast it will be taken as factual truth and used to encourage attacks.

    Channel 4 have let themselves down, I quite like C4 but the programme was aired today when there's a C-17 at Lyneham, very poor taste. I wish I could have watched it still but where was the MoD they must of had to ask permission for such a sensitive subject like this?
  11. The reasoning that states this drama will endanger British soldiers is patchy at best. After all, it's not as if Arab channels have a shortage of emotive pictures of real abuse, starring both British and American troops.

    You can't really dispute the factual basis of this obviously sexed-up drama: bullying, abuse of detainees, cover-ups, pvt soldiers taking the blame etc. All these things happen or have happened to some extent. What the playwright's crime boils down to is to combine them into a rather bleak edifice. Wouldn't have been that good a drama, though, if he hadn't.
  12. My thoughts exactly.

  13. The point is, it wasn't a good drama though.
  14. This fiction was made without MOD authority or assistance. It is a free country! Because of what we do!!