the mark of cain, channel 4, 2100, thursday!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by predatorplus, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. im not sure if it is going to be good, or a load of shite...
    could it be another 'Ultimate force'?
  2. cheers poppy... i didnt see that... :thumleft:
  3. Don't apologise, it shows inherent weaknesses.

    Plus she's a civvy.
  4. Libby Purvis (Times, 31/03/07) says it's objectionable, but a must-view for soldiers, "so as to see what not to turn into". See :

    Col. Tim Collins (whose Kuwait speech to 1RIR before Iraq 2 gives the film its title) has said it "will stir up hatred against British soldiers".

    The MoD has tried to have screening stopped. See :

    I think we've just got to watch it, don't you?
  5. maybe a real sodlier should write about the war, im sure there are books about the war (by now) that are pro-army, something like 'over there', (which i found pro-army)

    but the sad fact, that making the army look like the 'good' guys, doesnt make people want to watch it... people want any reason to slate the army, and things like this just gives them ammo...

    any ideas for a pro-army storie line?

    (not this is my number 100 post :) )