The Marches:

The Marches:


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The Marches: - Border Walks with my Father

Originally published in 2016 and now available as a Vintage Paperback, The Marches is a curious book: partly Rory Stewart's autobiography; partly the biography of his remarkable father, Brian; partly general history; partly military history; partly travel writing. If you enjoyed Bruce Chatwin's travel books, you will probably enjoy Stewart's, too; their styles are similar, although Stewart's learning is more profound than Chatwin's and his varied experience confers a deeper...

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sounds good _ I hadn't heard of this one but enjoyed his other two books very much. I'll try to get hold of a copy-was the tv series (can't remember what it was called-he was walking around I think on the borders) based on this book? I enjoyed that

thanks for posting


It might be worth reading 'The steel bonnets' by George MacDonald Fraser a history of the Border Reivers. Which is a good book in its own right.

I've just found out when looking up the title that GMF also wrote the screenplay for 'Red Sonja'

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