The March to the Sea.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by CutLunchCommando, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. The March to the Sea.

    I have to say I had heard of it but hadn't realised that it had such significance. Or are they over-egging it?
  2. hence te song marching through georgia
  3. Its the spams again claiming they invented something that in fact had been going for thousands of years....

    According to them, everything that happened in the civil war was a "world first", or "taught lessons to everyone else"....
  4. Yep, claiming to have devised the scorched hamburger would be more credible than scorch earth. :roll:

  5. That's spams for you. If it didn't happen in or involving Seppos, it didn't happen.

    Just for comparison, the Taiping Rebellion had just dragging to a conclusion about 5 years previously. It devastated an area of China the size of Western Europe from the Pyrenees to Hungary and cost at a conservative estimate 20 million dead. It was fought almost entirely with bladed weapons.

    Add in Russian actions in Central Asia and the Indian Mutiny and this wasn't even the first instance that century.
  6. Looking at the comments beneath the article it seems that most people agree its over egging. Its the first time that railways were attacked perhaps but no more notable than that.
  7. Sherman was an utter cnut and his name should be expunged from history forever as should the memory of that other t*at Lincoln.

    The Federal Govt still hates the South, witness the differing attitude and response to the California fires to that shown after Katarina.

    The South will rise again.
  8. It was 150 years ago, get over it! :roll:
  9. [align=center][​IMG]

  10. I've often wondered about the North Carolina "First in Flight" car numberplates. Who were they running away from, and why boast about the fact they were the first ones to take flight? :twisted:
  11. :D I sense a wah but... Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brothers made their first flight is in NC. :wink:
  12. Not sure it's a north-south thing. There is another way of viewing the differing response of the US government between the two areas-

    California- Wildfires cause damage in area inhabited mainly by wealthy white people.

    New Orleans- Hurricane Katrina causes flooding in areas inhabited mainly by poor black people.

    Spotting any pattern there?
  13. Take your galvanised, "Ye 'All" Rebel Yell and Feck off. This site is for people with a clear Human Linneage. You are obviously out the running.
  14. On the ball, aren't you! This thread died about 3 months ago!!!
  15. The thread will rise again !.