The march of technology

I imagine RSO is a bit of a career oopsie for an infantry bloke with command aspirations.
Bloke who got it instead passed with an "A", went to Them subsequently, twice (mighta been thrice, if my vague recall is correct that says he had a 'Them' SO2 post), first as Tp Comd (got a gong, IIRC for being the 'tethered goat', if you're familiar with that story) and subsequently as Sqn Comd, then went on to command one of our Reg Bns (ironically/mysteriously, not one with an Op Tour in his time, which seemed to me a bit of a waste), and topped out at full Colonel.

I wound up as ATk offr, and topped out as a Maj :)
Been keeping an eye on the prices. I have a lot of data spread across music, books, pictures and documents so need a large one.

Now that 1Tb drives are under a ton I will go for one.

you just need your OS on it. I have a 120gb Samsung as my Windows drive (boots in about 25 seconds), a 500gb Sandisk as my Steam folder, and two 3tb mechanical disks for everything else.
Good plan. Assuming backups are in there somewhere.

there's a 4tb WD external hd there and a 2tb one hidden in case of burglars.

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