The map says it all.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, May 6, 2005.

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  1. Well, England does look very blue at that scale, until you look at the cities. This explains quite well why the govt is so urban-centric & couldn't give a hang about the shires & countryside.
  2. Hmm. I wouldn't have like to have served along side you should the red hoards ever have crossed the IGB. I would imagine you standing up and welcoming them with open arms shouting slogans like 'Forwards the prolitariet!', 'Seize the means af production my brothers!'.
    Please answer me the following question.

    Q. How is it right in a 'fair' and just society that 2 unemployed people can produce a family of 6 children then expect the government to pay for their upbringing, housing and household bills and actually receive it. How can this be 'fair' that those who pay taxes cannot afford to raise more than a couple of children because they have to survive on a far less due to the tax they are paying to those who do not and never will contribute?
    Please give me a rational and reasonable answer, and not some left wing activist slogans and diktat.
  3. If anyone's bought the 2001 Census Atlas, could they please post the unemployment map of the UK? I can only find partial bits of it on the internet, and the sample piccies on the website don't have unemployment.

    It would be interesting to see if speedy's right, as I suspect he probably is.
  4. Speedy,

    I couldn't agree with you more! I grew up in a labour stronghold in the NW and thankfully through education had the opportunity to broaden my horizons. Each time I go back to visit friends and family it amazes me the level of sponging that goes on in that area - even amongst my own family. But hey if the govt, be it central or local is willing to reward laziness and the "gimme" attitude then what can you expect. To be truthful it isn't fun watching members of your own family turn into deadbeats such as those you describe above but given the nanny state approach it's not surprising. What ever happened to pride?

    I for one am glad I voted with my feet beforehand and have no great desire to return to the NW - which is a real shame since the county in which I grew up contains some of the nicest folk around. It's just a shame they're stuck in the mould of voting for pr*cks like Jack Straw...

  5. Well, im happy. My constiuency managed to kick out the labour MP, altough we did replace him with an SNP member.

    Shame is that this wasnt enough for labour to get a real good kicking

    goodybye to the regiments. :(
  7. Somehow, my postal ballot arrived and I got to vote. Was surprised that John Smith (Lab) (ex RAF SNCO) got returned to the Vale of Glamorgan seat after the DARA fcuk-up (Defence Aviation Repair Agency) cost the taxpayers millions and led to the disappearance of around a thousand skilled avation maintenance jobs (with more soon to follow).
    In return, at RAF St Athan we got a multimillion pound hanger that is of fcuk all use to anyone and the 1st Bn Welsh Guards and their chav offspring who cause more crime than the peasants on the social that preceded them in the old married quarters. Couldn't they have sent us asylum seekers instead? They would cause less trouble.
  8. My part of Hampshire stayed blue, no real suprise really. Howeve thought old Tony would of got a bigger kicking from Scotland.
  9. I actually thought you were speaking about the House of Windsor there for a minute. But the Queen only has 4 kids, the free castles, all those gold and jewels and more hats than Imelda Marcos had shoes. Bless her.
  10. By the look of your Avatar, you'd be in the RCZ plus slippers drinking tea, And I'd have needed someone with a tad of brains to No2 on a Milan

    There are systems in place, to return the long term unemployed back to work. There are scabby b@stards that will milk the state for every penny, and not give a fcuk. Yes it pisses me and plenty of other people off, all we can do is shop them. You think It pleasures me to fight for school nursery place with some mong who’d make a good bayonet target! And sole contribution to this life and to this country is been the British Olympic super king smoker/Elisabeth duke model?
    (Dole and lazy bastards are only applicable you live in a Labour area, After all by your system there'd be no doleites, scumbags ect in good tory areas :))
    You are quite right, It’s not fair, But if the jobs don't pay why bother. You could get them working for the dole, who’d employ a load of fat knackers? Would it be worth it? What would they do?
    I'm from a "Hard working family" That MH kept banging on about, Like lots of other people who pay tax, bring up kids properly, keep out of trouble and generally get on in life. What we really don't need is comments from people like you that brand us as second class citizens. Why next all the tory voters would ride off chasing basil brush before stopping to check there stock value, all calling in the Bupa casualty dept for a neck brace (Sorry Bupa don't do casualty thats the dirty nasty NHS)

    Prolitariet = Proletariat

  11. I would love the Defence College of CIS to move to St Athan. It would really improve the area and be a tidier 'bagging-off' ground for scaleys. And cheaper to buy a house than Dorset.
  12. You'd better hope they do it quickly. It has the one of the fastest rates of inflation of house prices in the country. My sister's place in Cardiff is now worth 2 1/2 times what she paid for it in 2000.