The many and varied types of CFT

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Tartan_Terrier, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Back when I was young and handsome (rather than just handsome, as I am now) there were to the best of my knowledge two types of CFT.
    An eight miler, and a three miler.

    Nowadays it seems there are, the CFT, the TACFT, the ACFT, the BCFT, and last but not least, the ICFT.

    Now I think that the ICFT is INF only, and is 2 miles in full kit in under 18 mins. Is that correct?

    I'm pretty sure that the TACFT is 4 miles with 15-25kg after arm of service in 55 mins, though distance and time are changing soon.

    One of the two others must be the standard 8 miler?

    Can someone in the know tell me which is which, and what the difference is?

    Also, does anyone remember the time/weight for the three miler?

  2. IIRC the three miler was introduced so it could be done in NI bases. It was 33 min but the load was the same as for the CFT (8 miler)

    The two miler is not a mandatory annual test but is done at ITC(W) on PCBC PSBC SCBC etc. It gets done in Inf units but it is not a substitute for anything else.
  3. Got it at home thanks, didn't see anything but the standard CFT and the TACFT mentioned.
  4. Can anyone tell me if I'm correct about the 2 miler, and what the ACFT and BCFT are, rather than just posting useless links?


    On the subject of useless links though, try this one if you're bored at work.
  5. BCFT and CFT are the same as far as I am aware. 8M no less than 1.55 or no more than 2hrs. (BCFT - basic combat fitness test)

    ACFT - Advanced combat fitness test. Done over two days not sure of the distances etc

    ICFT - 2 miler (Inf only)

    TACFT - Currently 4M, weight depnding on regt/corps, in 1hr. Soon upping it to 6M, then to 8M. Most TA units are now doing the 6M

    Hope that helps. I'm sure a PTI can expand on the ACFT
  6. Remember the FFR as being 12.8 miles with 66lbs in 3 1/2 hours, harbour up for the night. Next day is 12.8 miles with 44lbs in 2 1/2 hours followed by a battalion attack. Nice.
  8. Spot on.
  9. CFT - 8 Miles 1.55 - 2 hours weight dependent on Arm and Sex.

    ACFT 1 - 800 m warm up followed by 1.5 mile in 15 minutes carrying 44lbs plus weapon and helmet. Can be done either indivdual best effort or as a squad.

    ACFT 2 - 12 miles a day two days if i remember correctly with about 30 kg day one and slightly less day two but slightly less time - its not difficult just very very boring.
  10. The 2 miler is an old test (possibly going back to WW2), also known as the Brecon 2 miler. A good test, but no longer has an official status - but doesn't mean to say it isn't still used at unit level. Not sure if still used as a course test at ITC Wales. 2 mins 18 mins, 44lbs plus weapon and helmet used to be the standard. Good test, especially with a few hills on the way.

    The 3 mile CFT as stated above was a short version of the old 8 mile CFT, normally for units in NI, where finding an 8 mile run was a bit tricky. Not a bad test but no longer has any official status.

    MATTS sets out the current standards for CFT and CFT(TA) which is the individual standard.

    ACFT1 is for units deploying on urban ops and ACFT2 is for units deploying on rural ops, though I can't say how meaningful these definitions are. I assume that which (if any) test is used is a formation / unit decision.
  11. The infamous 2 miler; that's jogged the memory a bit.
    A damn good test though. Best summarised as "cheeky".
    Smokers used to cough a bit after that one...