The mans a bally hero & ex.RE to boot

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by bignige, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Cnuts!!! Its a very sad once Great Britain...
  2. i hope they reverse this bad decision
  3. These idiots have probably cost the Anthony Nolan Trust loads of potential donors!

    Anyone who can't afford to lose 2 weeks wages will certainly have something else to think about before registering! I could probably understand the decision if it was a small business that could go bankrupt or be under massive financial hardship, but its the Fire brigade!!!

    Well done Mark, fair play hopefully you've saved a life.

    Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service for bureaucracy of the year award!
  4. The ship is sinking!!
    Women and children will leave first...
  5. The company I work for has recently changed it's rules and now offers Paid Special Leave for these circumstances, although I think it was shamed into it after an article in the local press!
  6. that's the fire brigade for you they want want want all they can get and are not even willing to help there own what is this country coming to
  7. They should be burning with zeal for fire-fighters to get involved. The bone marrow appeal was going like a house on fire until they pulled this stroke. I'm quite alarmed. When will these bureaucrats stop arson around?

    Mistersoft...over to you...
  8. and who says that the army doesn't install a sense of decency in its soldiers. Well done that man - I think we should all send cards of thanks to him